Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday...

Yay! The Super Bowl is over and my least favorite team in the NFL did not win! And hey, I could cheer for Green Bay because their punter went to UK! WoOO!! The Super Bowl party tonight was also a success! What a great day and I am now beat.....

The morning started with Michael getting home from the hospital around 7:30, I had locked the bedroom door due to my irrational fear of intruders which had followed me into the evening.  Shortly after he got in bed, I got up to go to the 10 o'clock service with Elyse and Kellie Crook (CSF friend, blogger friend, awesome friend!). The service was great, as usual, and I was glad that I had friends to go with because I really didn't want to go by myself. After church, Elyse and I drove straight to the Johnson Center to run, we had a pretty good workout. But man, it was REALLY REALLY hot in the Johnson Center today, sweat was running off of me like a spring rain.

Once Elyse dropped me off at home I crept upstairs to wake Michael up, no it was not cruel, it was 1 pm and I really did think he would be up! We got to enjoy our lunch together cereal for him and english muffin for me and we caught up on some of our Thursday night tv, The Office and Community. (which were pretty funny this week). After the tv shows, I was like BEAT, I took a shower and passed out in bed for like 45 minutes, still feeling pretty tired but I knew I had to get up and make food for the party we were hosting at Michael's parents house tonight for our bstud group.

My Smore Cookies!
I got up and made white chicken chili (recipe from Mr. Wes Botto), which is super easy to make and everyone loved and I also made a new cookie recipe. The cookies are smore cookies and they were also a big hit at the party, and also pretty simple to make.  Very yummy.

I was worried about there not being enough food at the party, but there was A TON of food. All kinds of dip, beer cheese, spinach and artichoke, a meaty rotel type, mexican, and more dips. We also had a big cookie, brownies, oreos, a cream cheese and chocolate chip ball, and more.

Green Bay Beer Cheese, brought by the most supportive Green Bay fan of the night!
The spread!
 Let's just say I am super full for the night. Which means *yawn* I am pretty tired. So its off to bed for this little girl, not to mention that my husband needs to be up and at em' in about 4 1/2 hours! eeekkk!!

Oh...real quick... favorite commercial of the night?!?! I think mine was, if I remember correctly, the Doritos commercial where the dude was liking the Doritos dust off of everything, pretty funny! I hope you all enjoyed your Superbowl functions, traditions, etc. and that you get a good night of sleep tonight before another busy work/school week!

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