Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One check off the list of never ending THINGS

Well today I finally finished one of my TWO group projects. Did our 20 minute presentation and cleaned our hands of that silly time consuming thing. I didn't die when presenting either, which I normally have a huge fear of. And with the project completion means no class until next Monday!

A normal person would say YAY ! NO CLASS...but the reasoning behind this is to allow us Masters students to study for our CPA exam! Which I will be taking on Friday at 1 pm. So let the even more intense studying begin! Wednesday and Thursday will be day and evening long events of studying. Kind of like a studying marathon.

And don't you all worry, I'll have plenty of work to do after the exam because next Monday we have a 12-15 page Audit group paper due and the next day a 15 minute presentation and then Thursday and Friday we have finals. Oh what fun I have in store. Let's just say I am grateful for the study time but am also looking forward to have all of this behind me!

Well that's all I've really got for today, sorry for the boringness!! Maybe my studying will bring some good thoughts for tomorrow's post, otherwise I can fill you in on exciting things such as Audit Risk, Substantive Procedures, GAAS Standards of Fieldwork, or Compilation Reports! HAH!

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