Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lucky Number 3


Well, I can't believe it! Today, on February 8th, 2008 Michael and I started dating! I cant believe how much has changed and that we are now married!! Crazy right?! 

On Feb. 8th of 2008 Michael took me out on our first date, even though we had been hanging out for a while up to that point. He took me to Buddies Bar and Grill, in Lexington. So to celebrate this first date, Michael and I had dinner at Buddies this evening. We didn't order the same things, which I kind of wish I did because what I got was not very good, but Michael definitely had the honor of making the clean plate club! We decided to hit up dessert after dinner by going to DQ because it had snowed today...
Well at least we thought it snowed today. I mean, waking up with a good amount of accumulation would lead one to believe that it had snowed. Also, when Michael left for work at 4:45 and white flakes were falling from the sky, you would believe that it was snowing, well if you are a sane person at least. But according to this particular DQ, located right next to the UK hospital, it did not snow at their location. Meaning, no buy one get one Blizzards, but we got blizzards despite the lack of them upholding their promotion.  Silly DQ!!

Well that's all I really have time to write. I have approx. 34084250894026 x 4 things to do. And there are 17 days until my CPA exam. Let's just say I am looking forward to a very non-fun weekend. 

I wish I could write more about today and the significance of it but I can't!

Oh and GO CATS --- we are currently beating TN ---- but who knows with us?

Lastly, shout out to Mrs. Lauren Clouse who had her baby today!! Congrats girl!

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