Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Debacle...TV or studying?!

The weather today was awesome. Didn't really get to experience too much of it being cooped up all day in school buttttt I did like the warmness factor. It was so wonderful the crazy thought came into my mind to run for a second time today (I ran 4 miles on the treadmill at 6:45am)...but then I talked myself out of it.... way to be Ashley!

Thoughts and notes about the day:

-Michael's on call tonight... lonely wife

- Due to the recent warm weather I am trying to decide if it is the right time to take my decorative door hangings and decorations down from our front door. I love my snowflakes, I made them myself and they make the door so festive. But as sad as I will be to see them go, I'll be even happier seeing warmer weather! Any ideas for fun spring door decorations?! I love doors with personality!

- In disturbing I finished off the HUGE tub of Country Crock that Michael and I purchased after the honeymoon sometime last July. Nearly seven months later we have polished off this big guy off....mmmm yummmmm! At least it's "light"?!
- For some reason tonight I am lacking all focus's what is occurring with me, shown in pictures:
Becker flashcards or television?!

I how I love thee oh television and the hilarious, dramatic, and entertaining tv shows you provide...we have been separated for too long...

Death to thee flashcards, you provide no fun!
ok, fine I'll compromise, sweet tarts and flashcards (for a lil bit)
Ok folks, so I must admit, I did watch an episode of Glee (last night's beiber episode) so not all is lost in the TV world.

Well as much as I'd love to play around some more with the blog, school is calling to my booo boooooo

P.S. Thanks to all of you that have gone out of your way to tell me you read the blog..much love!

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