Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lela, Laundry, and Lack of Leisure

Hello friends!! So today was  a pretty good day, even though it wasn't super fun, it was productive and I enjoy that!

This morning Elyse picked me up around 6:30 to run at the Johnson Center. I felt like I dominated my 4 mile run on the treadmill and was energized for the rest of the day. After the run I worked on homework for a while but then around noon I headed up to school to meet my friend Lela for lunch at the Student Center. This is the only picture facebook has of me and Lela. It's pretty awesome and a pretty old picture, October 2008 CSF 80's party I would say!
How awesome do we look?!
Lela is a friend of mine who got married this past summer too! Our meeting for lunch ended on a kind of sad note because this will be the last time I see her before she moves with her cats and her hubs to Charleston, WV (her hubby got a new job there!). We had a lovely lunch together though, chatting about a ton of things and it was a nice way to break up my day! Also, we got to discuss blogging, Lela recently started a blog so that's another thing we have in common besides our married-ness, shortness, and awesomeness to say the least.

After lunch Michael texted me to say he was going to take call for the evening. So I planned on a night of studying alone with the pups. Well, much to my surprise, Michael ended up not taking call, which means I don't have to be home alone tonight! YAY! AND I had a dinner buddy! DOUBLE YAY! I cooked dinner as quickly as I could when I heard he was coming home! YAY YAY YAY!

Speaking of Michael being on surgery I must say ONE good thing that has come of it so far (I'm not saying that surgery is bad, I just feel for the boy getting like no sleep every night, but he really loves it so I am 150% supportive! :) )..... LESS LAUNDRY! 
Nobody like laundry!
 With Michael wearing scrubs everyday at work (which he gets to leave behind for people at the hospital to wash because of the nastiness that is probably on it) the only clothes that I really have to wash are my own and a few things of his. It's wonderful, the laundry basket doesn't fill up every 3 days which is super spectacular! Although, with me running a lot more often recently, I tend to run out of workout clothes a lot quicker and wearing a lot of socks (2 pairs a day), therefore, I have to do laundry. But at least there isn't a ton of stinky boy laundry! ;)   (I love my stinky boy!)

Oh and remember how I created a solution to Carson's bed eating problems?! Well just take a look...

Carson figured out how to get under the duct tap and here we are again, in the same fluffy situation. The fluff balls are like tumbleweeds that drift across our house and somehow make it upstairs, sometimes I am shocked as to how things make it to certain places of the house. Or for example, today I used the apple slicer to cut an apple and then immediately put it in a baggy into my backpack. Well, when I was eating my apple today, well lookie there! Yes, a black Willis fur had made it's way onto my apple. I guess my doggies just want to spend the day with me! But really, you don't need to leave your fur on my food, why don't you just write me a nice note with a paw print on it for a signature? That'd be great!

One last thing, these are some super cute stickers Michael got me yesterday along with some AWESOME smelling perfume! With no help from me, he did an awesome job!!

Googly eyes are always a plus!
Well that's it for today! More snow is here and I am really sad about that and I am really sad about the cold temperatures, but according to the weather, warmer temps are on their way towards the end of the week and beginning of next week. I love when it's warm enough that my car locks don't freeze, so let's look forward to that! :)

Good night world!

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