Friday, February 25, 2011

My mentee says the cutest things!

Audit Exam out of the way. What a relief. Now I can focus on the LOADS of schoolwork and 2 finals that I have next week. BOO!

To celebrate #2 of the 4 part CPA exam I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the night with the lovely Miss Adrielle. We got free tickets to the UK gymnastics meet and it was the breast cancer awareness night so everyone there was donning pink! So, honestly at first you could tell that Adrielle wasn't that excited about going. But once we were there and the meet started the first thing she said to me was "I didn't really know what gymnastics was like, I had no idea how cool this was. Can we go every week?!" Haha I was like seeeeee I told you gymnastics are awesome. Later she said, "I'm going to ask my mom to buy me a leotard, they are so cool!". My 9 year old mentee is the best!

Side rant: I have been obsessed with watching gymnastics since the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. It is definitely my favorite event to watch and I am amazed at what these girls can do with their bodies. If only I had kept up with gymnastics beyond the backhand sprang haha.
Everyone remember Kerri Strug?!
Back to Adrielle. So we had a great time. Adrielle had a few dollars to spend on food and she got popcorn. She was hilarious too. She kept telling me how salty it was but continued to eat the whole thing, silly girl!

One thing that was super precious of her tonight unfortunately happened when one of UK's gymnasts hurt herself during the floor routine. It was after a long sequence of tumbling and she just collapsed onto the ground grabbing her leg (my friend who is friends with the girl informed me afterwards, that they think she tore her ACL :( ) The whole crowd went silent and I think Adrielle screamed when it happened. She kept saying she was so sad and that she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight knowing Whitney (the gymnast) was hurt. Then she told me "I'm going to send her flowers and chocolates and a teddy bear to make her feel better." I suggested that she should pray for Whitney. Her response

"I  can't pray for her, I'm not very good at it."

Saddest, yet most precious thing I have heard her say. I tried to encourage her to do it. But who knows. At least I planted that thought/idea in her head.

UK ended up winning the meet which allowed for a happy ending and as we were driving home Adrielle noticed that the street we were on was called Rose street, which was the last name of the gymnast that got hurt. She said something to the effect of "well maybe it'll make her feel better knowing that she has a street named after her. "AWWW! :)

What a fun night, I can always count on Adrielle to make me feel good. OH and you know what else she did?!? While we were sitting and watching the meet she played with my hair, on her own without prompting, for like 5 minutes and it was wonderful. She said she loves playing with peoples hair, so she's definitely a keeper!!

Well I have to get up in the morning and write a paper before meeting with a group at the library at 10 so its off to bed for me!! Goodnight world!


  1. Hey Ashley! It's maggie here... so sad i didn't see you guys last night, but we were there too. but i'm glad you two had a great time! and we were very sad about whitney, too....i actually brought whitney's mentee with me (did you know she is an Amachi mentor?), so it was a little rough on her. :( anyway, glad it was fun!

  2. Glad to hear you're having so much fun with Adrielle and that she's enjoying you too!! Thanks for the story :)