Friday, February 11, 2011

Sun-shiny study day!

Hello readers! Today was another nothing out of the ordinary day.

-I woke up and headed to the gym at 6:15, ran, came home.
-ate my usual bowl of Special K
-Watched a little tv

And then I decided to open up the front door so the sunshine could come in through the storm door. The dogs love sitting in the sun, kind of like cats. Well as nice as the sunshine was, cue horror music.... the sunlight revealed random pee dribble spots all over the house...ahhhh..nooooo!! Carson apparently has bladder control issues and when excited or knows he is in trouble, leaks a little on the carpet. Well I guess we couldn't see these spots in the dreary daylight of winter, but with the sun shining in I could see everything. And then I noticed spots on the walls, where the dogs and bumped up against them. So my cleaning instinct kicked in. And the scrubbing began. After about an hours work on our downstairs, it was clean! woooo!!! Sometimes a good scrub of the house is such a satisfactory thing, the end results are worth it. Yes, I could have cleaned more but it was study time!

Tonight at the Florence Critt home we played "Minute to Win It Games"!
It was hilarious! The games we played were (realize, competitors have 1 minute to complete each challenge):
-Chocolate Unicorn - stacking/balancing 6 chocolate snack cakes on your forehead
-Cookie face - without using your hands, put a cookie on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth
-A game where you have to separate 2 different colored M&Ms into different bowls by using a straw, the team with the most M&Ms win
- A game where you put vaseline on your nose and move cotton balls from one bowl to another using purely your nose
-Breakfast scramble - the fastest to put together the front of a cereal box that has been cut up into pieces.
-A game where 2 people compete together, each only using one hand, One partner has a sock on their hand and the other doesn't and the goal is to wrap as many pieces of candy in a minute as possible.

If you go on the minute to win it website they have a ton of games listed to play, but these were the ones we picked. It was definitely a fun thing to do and the girls were pretty interactive, plus all the leftovers from the game made great, chocolaty snacks!

I also played around with the camera today, here are a few pictures I took and a couple Michael took:
His ears are ALWAYS flipped back
This is how Carson treats his big brother Willis all the time! RESPECT
Willy-mo sitting in his favorite spot in the house, the bean bag chair! The dogs fights over it!

Michael took this close up of Carson

One of my favorite things, I ate popcorn while Michael and I watched "Kick Ass" (Michael took this one too!)
Well thats it for today! See ya tomorrow!

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