Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I almost titled this about Monday but then realized it was Tuesday..

Life is hectic currently.

2 - 12 page group project papers due next week
2 group presentations of 20 minutes a piece - one next week one the following week
1- CPA Audit exam on the 25th
1- Job
1- house to look after and clean
1- husband
2- dogs
1- tired, half marathon trainer
1- sleep deprived dog mommy, wife, student, employee, runner, study-er, and apparently whiner

0- comments, feedback, or anything on my blogs recently
0- votes on my poll

All of these have contributed to my lack of wanting to post today. I don't know if I'm boring people or if you're just too busy to read or post. But please, if you are reading and you like what I am writing or have any suggestions just let me know. Comment Below. I need some positive reassurance on the continuation of this thing. I have way too many things going on to be worrying about this if no one is really enjoying it or reading. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer today. but WHEW I am tired!

Send me the love readers, cause I sure do need it!

Goodnight and Sleep Tight 
Yours Truly,
Ash Pash (Michael's nickname for moi)


  1. I READ IT!!!! :) It's enjoyable and I hate blogging ... that's saying something

  2. I read your post everyday! I love reading them, keep it up! Love ya: Steph

  3. Just so you know, I read your blog every day! I love blogs! I just started mine!

    I love reading about even the "boring" stuff. :)


  4. i like reading your blog! i know how draining grad school is--hang in there :)

  5. I read! I just normally read on the ipod and commenting on that is a pain. I'll make a point to comment when I read on the computer (like tonight!) Also, one I finally updated mine. Two, I'm sad I missed your new poll! I like your polls but I didn't even realize it was a new one, sorry!

  6. Carry on!! We are out here!! I look forward to your blog every morning before work! Couldn't honestly answer the poll, so I skipped
    it this time! Love it and Love you - Aunt Carin