Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a survey copy cat!

Well, some of my blogging friends have done those little surveys that you used to do when you had a myspace. And I thought it would be fun and an easy blog post for the day, so here it goes!:

-Available: No way! Married to the wonderful Michael Kasten
- Age: 22
- Annoyance: Chewing with your mouth open
- Animal: Willis and Carson dogs!
- Addiction: reading blogs about people's weight loss journeys. That's weird right?!

- Beer: Not my fav. It makes me burp. And sometimes makes my tum tum hurt!
- Birthday: March 28th
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes! (Michael has very pretty blue eyes!)
- Best feeling in the world: No homework OR having your back scratched or hair played with.
- Best weather: Summer or Fall
- Been in Love:Yeah, uh duh! I'm married!
- Believe in Santa: why not?
- Book: I love reading and the masters program has taken it away from me! I do love me some Harry Potter!
-Best friend: Michael Kasten (and a ton of girls, but I won't pick favorites!)

- Candy: CHOCOLATE! (I am a woman!)
- Color: I LOVE green! our house is green inside!
- Chocolate/Vanilla: um if this is referring to ice cream I'd have to say Bruster's Birthday cake ice cream in a cake cone (the waffle cones are too big for me!)
- Chinese/Mexican Food: hmmmm I guess Mexican cause I love queso and margaritas!
- Cake or pie: CAKE...I am almost always craving cake!
- Country to visit: Well the plans are to be visiting Italy and Greece in Sept/Oct so I guess there.
- Cheese: squeaky cheese from Wisconsin!

- Day or Night: Day, I love sunshine!
- Dancing in the rain: yes, barefoot though. No one likes wet squishy shoes
- Designer: cheap. How about Target clothes?!

- Eyes: Brown
- Everyone's got: to smile ! :)
- Ever failed a class? No way jose!

- First thoughts waking up: oh goodness, it's that time already?!
- Food: YUM!
- Favorite place to eat: hmmm... I can't pick a restaurant cause there are so many. So i'll say Brusters!
- Fast food obsession: Mashed Potatoes and/or Rice

- Greatest Fear: public speaking
- Goals: Happiness!
- Gum: Extra!! It stays fresh so long!
- Get along with your parents?: I love my parents!
- Greatest achievement: 1. Finishing a marathon 2. Climbing Mt. Hood
- Greatest failure: Lets just not relive that!
- Hair Color: brown
- Height: 5'3
- Happy: I would choose happiness
- Holiday: I enjoy Thanksgiving, good food and family times!
- How do you want to die: when im old and happy

- Ice Cream: Birthday Cake flavor or anything. I love ice cream
- Instrument: I played the clarinet in middle school (my mom played the clarinet too!)

- Jewelry: I don't really wear jewelry besides my wedding band and engagement ring. I love that jewelry
- Job: Federal Work Study Student in the School of Accountancy at UK

- Kids: years away...don't ask until you see a baby bump haha!
- Kickboxing or karate:Kickboxing (I did kickboxing one semester with Becca and Dayna and I loved it!)
- Keep a journal?: Blog?!

- Love: is the greatest thing you can give to another

- Milk flavor:Skim?! or chocolate?!
- Movies: comedies, romantic comedies, etc.
- McD's or BK: Neither, but if I had to choose McD's

- Number: 26

- One wish: To be married to my husband FOREVER!
- Orange juice?: apple juice is better

- Perfect Pizza: sausage or Hawaiian
- Pepsi/Coke: I dont drink soda. But sometimes when eating certain foods I'll crave a coke I guess. I do love me some good ol' A&W rootbeer
-Piercings?: 2 in each ear, but I don't use the second holes AT ALL

- Quality: Time!

- Reason to cry: I cry about everything. Sad, moving commercials, tv shows, etc.
- Reality T.V: Is hilarious!
- Radio Station:I don't have a particular go to
- Ring size: 4.75 I believe, it's small!

- Song: Ray LaMontagne - you are the best thing or You and Me - Dave Mathews Band
- Shoe size: 6.5-7
- Salad Dressing: fat free italian
- Sushi: I like california rolls and Drake's crab rangoon rolls
- Skinny dipped?: Nope
- Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries
- Tattoos?: Not something I will ever do
- Time for bed: like 10:30, haha I feel old but I need my sleep!
- Thunderstorms: Love laying in bed with a good thunderstorm outside!
- T-shirts: i may have the worlds largest collection of tshirts, each with a significant memory in mind
- Unpredictable:I wish I were more unpredictable but I'm pretty predictable!

- Vacation spot(s): Beach, Skiing, Touring around, anything. Traveling is my fav!

- Weakness: Chocalte
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?:um not sure?!
-Who makes you laugh the most: Michael
- Worst feeling: No tooth brush!
- Worst Weather?: COLD and WET! ick!

- X-Rays: on my teeth?! maybe that's it/!

- Year it is now: 2011
- Yellow: reminds me  of sunshine!
- Zoo animal: I like the Zoo. cause I love animals. But it is often sad. Can I take them home to let them run around free in my backyard?!

well wooo that was long!! gotta go get ready for class!!


  1. you had an xray on your knee after the flying pig half in 09.

  2. prior comment by Michael Kasten, not myself. And it was my ankle I believe