Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back home in LEX VEGAS!

i have arrived back home in Lex Vegas, after my wonderful travels to Atlanta. I had a great time but sometimes it is nice to be home and sleep in your own bed, which I am looking forward too, I'm exhausted!

Today was another great day. Man they keep piling up but I can't complain! My flight from ATL got me back in Lexington JUST in time to watch UK win the SEC tournament against Florida! WHOOP WHOOP! And I was able to have lunch with Michael's parents!

After lunch we picked up my GIRL SCOUT cookies from the family I used to nanny for and now the family I just LOVE. I got a box of peanut butter patties, caramel delites (my fav), lemonades, and thin mints. MMMM girl scout cookies, what a great time of the year!

I was planning on running today, and that never happened. Instead I ate a lot of junk food. But I guess it's ok, I'll run tomorrow, whatevs!

Bible Study tonight was awesome. About six of us hung out afterward and chatted and laughed for 2 extra hours. Which I thoroughly enjoyed! Sadly though, Michael has to be up at 4 tomorrow because he starts CT, so that may mean a little less sleep for him :(.

So I have basically been without a phone since Thursday. And you know what I've noticed? Most of the time I don't even really need it. I think the only 2 people that I converse with daily is Michael and my Dad and these days without the phone have been fine. I don't even care that it is not right by my side. Even though I realize I don't really need this technology, I will hopefully be receiving my new phone in the mail tomorrow if not then Tuesday. The one thing I am concerned about is not having a phone when I'm driving and out and about. I haven't driven since my phone stopped working, so tomorrow I may be a little nervous, good thing I most likely won't be driving in the middle of no where where I could become stranded. Anyway. That's my little life without a phone blurb.

Now I am basically beat. AND I've been wanting to wash my face for the past few hours. I think the greasy-ness of my hair is seeping down onto my face, people I promise I will wash my hair tomorrow, after my run of course! Some Atlanta pictures to come, most likely tomorrow, after I've gotten some sweet and precious ZzZzZ's. Goodnight!

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