Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stroller Runners

Hero for the day...drumroll please...:
Stroller Runners!
Not a problem for Mr. Super athletic dude (he's obviously running uphill!)
um, woah! How is this even possible without dying?! 2 children PLUS a dog?!?
Well, running with a stroller has done her well
Sheryl Crow has the right idea, this would be me in a running with stroller situation

So I believe those that run with strollers are amazing, impressive, and down right crazy!!! I have a hard time propelling myself up and down hills alone, without holding onto/pushing something that contains a helpless child that I love inside. It appears to be very tiring (I mean, Sheryl Crow looks tired). Although, maybe one day you will see me doing this (no time in the NEAR future), I will remain impressed until that day.  How many extra calories do you think they burn pushing the stroller?!

In other news. Today as I was getting ready to go run in the gorgeous weather and I was changing into a long sleeved shirt I noticed something on my shirt and was quite impressed:

Notice, my shirt says "2001 State Championship Cross Country Meet"
This year marks my 10 year anniversary with running. Oh what a love-hate relationship we have developed over the years. 10 years, I feel, is a pretty impressive number for one who is only 22 years old. I began cross country my 8th grade year (so actually the anniversary will be in like August, but its still the year), in which I made it to the State meet that year, but didn't qualify the rest of the time I ran (ironic right!?). I can't believe I still run now, I guess it has become so en-grained in my routine that I can't let it go (I am definitely a routine oriented girl). And with that thought of pure accomplishment I killed my 4 miler. Tomorrow morning Becca and I will be runnin a 7 mile long run, earlier in the week than usual, but our weekends are busy so this will be best! So I hope that goes well!!

Tomorrow I have a final and Friday I have one as well. Hopefully I can study, because all I can say is that today was definitely a hard day for focusing (due to the nice weather and the cutting down of 2 trees outside of my house). Anyway, hope everyone is peachy! Later!

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