Saturday, March 12, 2011

A UK win, A 5k, and a waffle cone

Today was another enjoyable day in Atlanta and a warm sunny one at that! Today we slept in, had a lazy morning and lunch and then watched the first half of the UK vs Alabama game (which we won! YAY!) Then it was time to head to the 5k at my Aunt Carin's church property.

This was the 5k's first inaugural run, which meant it was slightly unorganized, but it was still fun. I ended up running just ok. My legs felt like they were in cement for most of the run and I had terrible shin splints. Not to mention that the course was not laid out well for a runner, aka pot holes, hills of gravel that made you slip and slide. But somehow out of that I was able to win the female age division of 20-24 with my pitiful 25:40-ish time. We stuck around just in case and I won a medal. Haha! Pretty awesome that I won something while feeling like poo the whole time!

After the race we threw on our PJs and headed to Brusters, where we were served GINORMOUS waffle cones. I really felt like poo after that. If you have never experienced a Brusters waffle cone you won't understand why. But ONE single solitary scoop of ice cream is soooo large, probably the equivalent to 3 scoops of normal ice cream. So yeah, my stomach almost exploded, but man oh man was it yummy! Afterwards we enjoyed a delish homemade dinner and then my Aunt Carin and I settled down to watch "Black Swan". Which was, of course, weird, but ok I guess.

I'll sadly be leaving Georgia tomorrow, but thank goodness for Michael, I will hopefully be home before the UK game at 1pm tomorrow for the SEC finals! GO CATS!


  1. I miss Georgia this time of year. Way to run there little lady! I am very proud of you.
    - "Uncle Ray"

  2. Seems quiet around here without Mrs. Awesomeness. Had a real good time visiting. Please come back soon. Take care of those shins. Love, Uncle Lewie and Aunt Carin

  3. Uncle Ray, you should miss it this time of year, the weather was perfect there, I miss it already too, it's chilly her in KY!!

    Loved being with you all Uncle Lewie and Aunt Carin!