Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Wednesday!

As I debate about what to write in my blog and listen to the pouring rain outside I decided to stalk famous people's twitter accounts. Lame I know. I don't have a Twitter though, I just googled people, like Amanda Bynes, Biebs, Selena Gomez, etc. haha. What a waste for me, but I kind of enjoy it. Double Lame.

Anyway. This morning, at around 8 am Vanna came over and we got to catch up. I haven't seen this girl in what I feel like has been FOREVER. So it was great catching up. We have decided to become each other's accountability partners and meet up every Wednesday morning. I think it will be great!! Without a doubt!

After Vanna left I headed into work for a quick 2 hours and then headed to the gym and banged out a super sweaty 4 miles. I'm leaving for the great city of Atlanta tomorrow morning to see the fam so I had to get a good workout in, I plan on running when I'm there but you never know what will come along or how busy we will be!! Although, my Aunt Carin does like a 4 mile walk almost every night through her neighborhood so I will get to enjoy that for sure!

I decided that after the gym it would be okay to get some fake bake. I have 3 tanning bed visits that I have not touched since before the wedding and since I am in sunshine withdrawal and will not be going to Florida, an island, or a desert for SB I decided it was ok. 8 minutes in the cancer box really did it's work on me, kinda red. OH well! haha! I may actually perform a GTL day. If you are unaware of this, the term GTL stands for Gym, Tan, Laundry. It was created by those lovely Jersey Shore cast members (they are not lovely). But I do have a load of whites to fold because I do not have any socks left. Oh GTL, I should probably fist pump after that.

Nothing else too exciting happened today. Michael didn't get home until 6 and then he left to have a birthday dinner with Steve, I had already made rice because I didn't know of the plans. So I'm sitting here on the couch, probably gonna get some dessert and watch America's Next Top Model, it's makeover week! ahh! haha!  Well that's it for today. I have some packing to do tonight for my fun trip to see the fam!! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the blog while I'm gone!!

OH and good luck to those LENT-ers. Giving something up for 40 days is a pretty awesome thing, just remember that God is the center of it! :)

Later friends!

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  1. We all can't wait to see you!! Come one down!!
    We might get one really nice warm day out of your visit, but these college spring breaks are just too early in the year! We will make the bestest of it! Love, Aunt Carin