Thursday, March 10, 2011

Greetings from Atlanta

Hello friends! I have made it to Atlanta and had a lovely day hanging out with my cousin Neal and my super cute grandparents. It has been a REALLY long day!!

The morning started with Michael freaking out at 6 am because his alarm did not go off at 5 am. So I took that as my cue to workout, I headed to the gym, then to the grocery and then back home, all before 8am. I checked my standby flight to ATL before I showered and freaked out cause the flight said that it had ZERO seats left. OH WELL, I thought I'd try the flight any way even though my dad was trying to convince me not to try the flight. Well it was my lucky day, I got on my flight AND an exit row seat ! BOO YA!

My flight was pretty awesome. I talked THE ENTIRE flight with a man from South Africa (with accent) who now lives in Daytona with his family. His kids were around my age, so he felt comfortable talking with someone my age. His stories about coming to America were pretty cool and we had an enjoyable hour long convo. The super random part was that the reason he was in KY was for business, meeting with 2 different vets about the technology he sells. Well he met with a horse vet with the last name Yocum...I practically punched him in the arm when he said that, it was ANDY YOCUM's dad. The Andy that saved me from walking in the pouring rain that I mentioned in a previous post. It was super random. So even though my flight was super bumpy, really toasty (I was sweating the whole flight), and there was no beverage service, it was still enjoyable.

After the flight my cousin Neal picked me up and we grabbed a lovely lunch of Taco Bell..yum! Then headed to the grandparents home. We spent the afternoon chatting a lot of them, walking on my grandpa's nature trail, putting food out for the deer, playing with a toy remote helicopter, looking at old pictures and keepsakes, and then enjoying a yummy dinner of roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans, salad, brownies and ice cream. Neal and I were spoiled today and had a great time. Grandma even gave us spending money because she knew we would be heading downtown tomorrow. LOVE MY GRANDPARENTS! They are super sweet and fun to hang out with! YAY fun!

Around 7:30 Neal and I headed back to his parents house where we met my Aunt Carin to go on her nightly 4 mile walk. Man, she killed me. I thought I was in shape, apparently I'm only in running shape. She walks so fast, I felt like my legs were about to break off and the backs of my legs were burning, and the route was super hilly. Let's just say I am worn out and sweaty not to mention the long day that I have had already. Well I guess that means I can eat more junk cause I burned tons of calories working out this morning, traveling, and talking alllll day, then doing a 4 mile walk!!

Well that's a lot for today plus i'm tired! I hope Neal and I have a great time exploring ATL tomorrow!!

(oh by the way, my phone is in the processing of dying forever, I can only take calls via speakerphone and texting is hard because some of the buttons are deciding to randomly work, so I may have to buy a go phone while I'm down!)

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  1. Target has a nice go phone on sale for 49.99!