Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coupon clipping failure

I have been wanting to clip coupons for a while now and I feel like a complete failure at it. Well I clip the ones we get in the mail, but then they end up sitting on top of our microwave for a few months until I have to throw them away because they are expired. I've also found, that normally it's cheaper to buy the "Kroger Brand" of the food, rather than using the coupon. So I was wondering if anyone had good coupon advice for me, because I know they work. I've heard of people saving tons and tons of money by clipping coupons and I have absolutely no idea. And since we are basically a super tight budget, since both of us are in school, it would be nice to save tons of money on groceries. I NEED COUPON HELP!


  1. kroger has some 'virtual' coupons you can add to your kroger plus card! i've had a few times where they don't work, and you have to remember which coupons you put on there, but there have been some good ones lately!

  2. Welcome to Coupon 101, the lesson my mom has been preparing me for my ENTIRE LIFE lol.

    I second the online coupons. Sometimes they'll double up with the coupons from the paper. Plus, don't forget any coupon $.50 or less will be doubled at Kroger. Then, you have to shop when the name brands are on sale whether you need it that week or not. And sometimes even then the name brand won't be cheaper than kroger brand. Buy a coupon organizer so when you're shopping it's easier to check and see if you have a coupon for something. And when you find something you want to buy that has a coupon, pull it out right away and set it somewhere easy to hand to the cashier. And finally accept the fact that coupon shopping takes WAY longer and is annoying, but will be worth it. You can do it, good luck!