Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Write the Blog (sing to tune of Ghost ride the whip)

Dearest Bean Counter o philes:

Welcome to the latest edition. Ashley has a headache death migraine so she decided to go to the bullpen, calling on the righty to come save the day:

So you have a guest blogger, the one the only Michael Kasten. You've probably heard of me either in real life or on here so I am not going to introduce myself. I'm sad today as it was the last day of my Surgery rotation (Shelf exam tomorrow) and that meant that I had to study all day, rather than do cool things.  Back to the topic at hand, headache:

There are a few etiologies of headache, such as brain tumor, ruptured aneurysm into the subarachnoid space, cluster headache, migraine and tension headache. Brain tumors are bad news and usually don't develop in the course of an afternoon. She doesn't have a brain tumor. Sometimes I think she doesn't have a brain (I kid, I kid). Aneurysmal rupture is referred to as a thunderclap headache (hitting like thunder) and is accompanied by neck stiffness, and is 'the worst headache of your life'. This is a neurological urgency (can be an emergency) and if she had described this, I'd be writing from UK's ER or OR waiting room. So like Goldilox, her headache wasn't slow or fast, it was just right. That leaves tension headaches- at the end of a stressful day, feel better by rubbing temples, and migraine headaches. There are two types of migraine headaches: classic and common. Classic has the aura, where you know it's coming because of some visual changes (usually scotoma) and common has no aura. End result is the same and you just feel like poopy woopy. The common result is photophobia and phonophobia (afraid of light and sound). There are some hypotheses about why you get these, from stretch receptors on the arteries to other things. If you've ever taken Imitrex (not Valtrex; that's for your herpes) you subscribe to this hypothesis. I think Mrs Kasten has a common migraine. She's got a stress trigger and some photophobia.

My prescription:
A good night's sleep.

So there's your PSA for the evening about headaches. If you wake up with one for a few weeks in a row, see a doctor. If a headache hits you like none other, see a doctor now. If you wake up with one just once, you should drink less, or keep a glass of OJ by your bed (you party animal!). For the 99.9999% of other headaches you will have in your life: eat some chocolate or have a coke or something with caffeine, go to a dark room and relax. Stop staring at a computer screen (except for BFABc)

Back to surgery time:

or back to at least reading about it.

But before I do. The title. Ghost ride the whip- Ashley says it's her first memory of me. I was super impressive back in ~November of 07 by doing this while leaving the bowling alley or movies or something. Anyways, hope you feel better my dear.

Here's a video that started it all. (Language)


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  1. sadly, i can actually picture you doing this michael....hope ashley is feeling better...good job subbing.

    aunt britta