Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh goodness, after days and days of waiting I have finally found out the results of my first CPA exam. Yes, I took the exam January 6th and am just now finding out on March 25th that I passed the regulation section. BUT I PASSED! Whew. Wanna hear the rollercoaster of emotions that I went through in this process?

So this morning Becca and I met up to do our long run. (it was 8.5 miles, supposed to be 9 but we missed a turn somewhere along the way). When I returned from the COLD 32 degree run (um hello weather why did you decide to get cold out of no where?!) I had text messages from 2 different friends telling me that scores for REG were posted. I asked Becca if I could borrow her iPhone, well I entered my info and apparently my scores weren't posted, I was obviously sad. Well I drove home and tried checking again, still nothing. I even resorted to calling the state board of accountancy if there were any hopes of my scores being posted, which they told me there weren't. I started freaking out, crying, very upset that everyone in my masters class had found out and everyone had passed, which meant if I hadn't found out I probably failed (totally irrational). Michael told me to go shower and warm up. So I did. I showered until the warm water ran out. I had goosebumps the entire shower, these cold long runs really chill me to the bone. Well after my shower I immediately jumped into bed. I was FREEZING. I decided to check my scores one last time. Until I realized, shoot, maybe I don't deserve to pass parts of the CPA exam because I hadn't been entering my info into the website correctly. Silly girl. My scores were posted. AND I had passed. I had to text and call everyone to explain  my screw up. BUT great relief !

O-M-Goodness! UK just beat OSU, my arch nemesis! I CANNOT BELIEVE WE WON! I just called home and Lisa answered the phone screaming such happiness! What a great day!!! Passing the REG section, Margaritas and mexican with my friends for my bday and  UK with a HUGE win!! I don't even have words right now !! SO PROUD TO BE A WILDCAT! More tomororow but I'm exhausted and filled with excitement!! Later readers! GOOOOO CATS!


  1. Wait, when was your birthday?? And congratulations on your exam!!

    So proud to be a wildcat tonight :)