Monday, March 28, 2011

23 is the way to be!

So today was my 23rd birthday. A weird age if I do say so myself. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet, seeing I have only been 23 for a partial day, but I'm sure good things can come out of this age.

Many good things have come out of the past few days. I have been overwhelmed with wonderfulness and feel like a super lucky girl (although studying has been seen very few and far between) Let me talk about a few!

-Well, at bible study, my lovely friend Nicole brought me (and Danielle) a cake for our birthday's which are both on the 28th. um. DELICIOUS cake...take a look!
Yeah there are layers of chocolate cake with a white mousse-ish type substance between. SO good!

- As I mentioned the CATS are going to the Final Four to play UConn, it has been a crazy wild time on UK's campus, so many emotions and excitement! This is some of the madness that ensued after we won on a street near campus, notice there is a couch burning in the middle of the street!
This picture was taken by my friend Elyse today. Apparently there had been an impromptu decision to make a pair of Jorts in the middle of the streets, these are the legs that remain
(in reference to the Jorts, Click Here to further understand what "Jorts" mean to a Kentucky fan.

- Michael and I also met and greeted the team as they arrived from Newark (as I briefly mentioned yesterday evening)
- I found out a passed section number 2 of the CPA exam --- WOAAHHHHH I'm halfway there ...WOOOAHHHHH.  (although finding out this info is good, it has made me lazy, which is bad)

-My parents came down to Lex for the day to take me out to lunch at Cheapside and then we went to Orange Leaf (the parentals had never been to Orange Leaf before, I believe they enjoyed it). I made my new FAV combo at Orange Leaf, a little blueberry, a little strawberry, and a little coconut yogurt and then for the toppings some granola, white chocolate chips, and real strawberries. It was delish!! My parents ended up staying until after I got out of class so I ended up going to dinner with them at the Chop House. Poor Michael was on call on his first OB shift, so he missed all the bday celebrations (and free food)

Dad and Lisa

Lisa and her mom Jean

Me and my brother Ry Ry (aka Ryan)

Liz (Ryan's girlfriend, who sadly was feeling a little sick), Ryan, and Me

A Kentucky Hotbrown that four of the six people eating with us ordered. Everyone said it was delicious. I got a salad cause I've been eating like crap recently. What many of you may not know is that today was the 85th anniversary of the creation of the KY Hot Brown!!
I think that about sums up everything that was out of the ordinary in the past couple of days. Now it is time to get myself back on track, back to the studying, back to the focus. Because apparently somewhere along the way I forgot my productivity pills and need to find them again (obviously not serious about productivity pills). But for now I am off to bed, missing my hubs, who I have not seen all day and will not see until tomorrow around 6ish!! Goodnight readers!

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