Friday, March 11, 2011

FREE ICE CREAM, dead phone, ATL!

First things first, I must make you all aware that tomorrow is PJ day at Brusters! If you are unaware, if you wear your pajamas to Brusters tomorrow you can get a free waffle cone, just for wearing your pajamas!! We will be going to the McDonough, GA location tomorrow sometime. Which I feel is pretty cool, because at this location they would make me pay for the ice cream, so I really will be getting free legit Brusters for once!

Today was a FUN day, even though when I woke up this morning all of the "control" buttons on my phone were no longer functioning. Meaning I cannot open the texts i receive, I cannot send texts, and I cannot make phone calls, even on speaker phone because I cannot turn the speaker phone on! BOOOOOO! OH WELL!

Today Neal and I headed into downtown ATL. We had lunch at a place called Joe's on Juniper, they had really tasty fries. Then we headed to Centennial Park (the '96 Olympics park) and we searched for my Grandparents brick in the sidewalk, which we eventually found. It said "C&H Hawelka 50 years 6/96". Purty awesome!! We were planning on watching the fountain show, but the fountains were down for repair. So we sadly missed it, although we did get to see TONS of UK fans milling around because the park is outside of the Georgia Dome, where UK played this afternoon in the SEC tournament and beat Ole Miss! They will be playing Alabama tomorrow afternoon!

Afterwards we did some shopping, I got a cute shirt at H&M. Then we headed to Neal's campus, Southern Polytechnic Unversity. He studies architecture there and the school is pretty intense. All of the buildings are beautiful and practically brand new. His dorm room is brand new and is pretty swanky digs for a college dorm room if I may say so myself!!

Well after tons of driving around ATL we headed back to the house to meet my Aunt and Uncle for dinner. We went to a mexican restaurant, and it was yummy. Sadly it was Karaoke night, so it was slightly loud but I still had fun! Now we are going to watch "Due Date" and eat eclaires! YUM-O! What a good night. I am so exhausted. That speed walking really took it's toll on my body so tonight's sleep is going to be wonderful!

*Sorry, I just realized I used A LOT of exclamation points in this post. But it was a good day! ! ! ! ! ! ! HAHA*

Have a good night everyone!!

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  1. If I ate ice cream, I would totally be going in my pjs!