Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ice cream party with the Hamiltons!

So tonight was super fun, get dessert out night. But really, tonight we met up at the new Orange Leaf Yogurt on Romany with the lovely Hamilton family! And it was delish! The Hamiltons had never been there before so it was great getting to introduce them to the yummy yogurt that is Orange Leaf. We also arrived at the new store in perfect timing because as soon as we sat down to eat our creations, the store was packed (they have pretty limited seating).

If you are unfamiliar, Orange leaf is a do-it-yourself yogurt store. They have about 12 different flavor options of yogurt that you fill up your cup on your own (flavors like pineapple, coffee, pomegranate, confetti cake, cookies and cream, cheesecake, strawberry, etc.) and then add toppings galore to complete the yumminess. Toppings include things like candy bar pieces, fruits, etc laid out in a salad bar kind of view. After you make the creation they weigh it and that is how they determine the price. I think mine and Michael's together was about $7.50-ish so it's not too bad.

I made a delish and predictable combo for my dessert. I chose the confetti cake yogurt and added rainbow sprinkles, chocolate syrup, brownie bites, and oreo pieces (and Michael randomly threw in some butterscotch chips when I wasn't looking). It was SUPERB, and I think I got the combo pretty accurate! But now my tum tum full of yum yum is super full!

We will be trying to get to bed before 11 tonight because Michael hasn't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep each night in the past couples of nights. So catching some zZzZ's is top priority in his book right now, and I can tell he's tired. He's been combining/creating words all evening, which is kind of funny until you realize the poor guy is super sleepy.

Oh, super excited about the weather tomorrow, according to the weather channel it should be reaching the mid 60's tomorrow and since I slacked and didn't run today, maybe that means I will want to run tomorrow, especially with nice weather! Well goodnight friends, hope you had a splendid day!

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