Friday, March 18, 2011

Puppies go to the doggy park!

So today has been GORGEOUS again thus far. I began my morning studying. This BEC stuff is hard to me for some reason. ANYWAY. In the early afternoon Andrea (Michael's sister) texted me that they were taking their dogs to the dog park and we were more than welcome to join.

Well I was ready to get out of the house. Even though all the windows and doors were open I still felt cooped up in the house. So off to the dog park we went!

I snapped these 2 shots of the boys in the car at a red light, basically the only pictures I took and I think they basically sum up their personalities.

Willis will be turning three on April 1st, but he acts like an old man. Very stoic. Very reserved. And that is how he appears in this photo.


Carson is the happiest dog you'll ever meet. Care free and always smiling, even when he's panting. He pants with a super wide mouth and it is sometimes awkward like him but very funny. Can you see his joy?!

We had a good time at the dog park. Walked around the loop with Matt and Andrea and Matt's dad with their dogs. (we were a pack comprised of 5 dogs and 4 people) Then everyone else headed out but we stuck around to go in the actual dog park. The dogs aren't very good at socializing. I think they like humans better because they always hang out around the humans and ask to be petted. I knew it was time to go when Willis started laying down in the dirt. He was tired and with all that black fur, he was hot!

All in all an enjoyable day and now the pups are passed out at my feet.
I'm off to make a grocery store run and then off to Flo-Critt to hang out with the girls!
I hope everyone enjoyed their warm Friday in March!

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