Monday, March 21, 2011

75 degree day and class is not a happy combo!

So today will be one of those posts where I basically just talk about what I did because I don't feel like thinking about what to write.

Well this morning I set my alarm for 8 because I wanted to run before some supposed thunderstorms came into the area around 10. (which actually didn't come all day!) Anyway, the run was pretty good, it was about 60 degrees and I got to try out my new shoes, which were great. I ran 4.15 miles. Unfortunately the inside of my left ankle has been bothering me all day, hopefully it'll just go away.

I tried to study a bit until class started at 2:30 but I had a hard time focusing. Since we just finished spring break it means 2 new classes. I was SO not ready to learn. But my professor felt the opposite and we spent the first day meeting for the ENTIRE class time. I guess that's what happens when you aren't in undergrad anymore. We got out of class just in time for me to sit in rush hour traffic (we got out at 5:20).

I was STARVING after class. Class make me HUNGRY! Even though I ALWAYS bring a snack and munch loudly in class (even though that is definitely one of my pet peeves, loud chewing) So I started dinner as soon as I got home. I was craving cornbread so that was a must have for tonight, oh you know just some Jiffy cornbread, which is the best! I also made barbecue chicken,  chicken flavored rice, and mixed veggies. It was YUMMY!

After dinner Michael asked if I wanted to go outside and kick the soccer ball since the weather was still A-mazing. It was fun being outside with each other and the pups ran big circles chasing each other while we were outside, so it wore them out too!

Well that's about it for today, sorry for the boring post!

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