Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drivin' with the windows down!

Oh yippie yay! Today was a wonderful weather day!! It was ever so glorious to be able to drive with the windows down in my car without freezing myself out and watch TV in the house with the windows open without a blanket on top of me to keep warm!

So since it's late, here's my day in a nutshell:

-Wake up - Eat my Special K Vanilla Almond while catching up on last night's episode of "Top Chef"

- Head into work. for about 5 hours. studied a bit. worked a bit. you know the drill

-head home and watch UK DEFEAT Princeton and Morehead DEFEAT the University of Louisville! WHOOP WHOOP!U of QQ

-Head outside into the beautiful outdoors for my long run for the week. 8 miles. Who knew it was windy out today?! Funny how you don't notice things like wind or how a road really is hilly until you are actually running on it. Also, word of advice to you all. Please do not eat a bag of popcorn, without any water or anything before a run. No, I did not have digestion issues, I had EXTREME cottonmouth issues. Like inability to swallow, nasty, dryness for like the last 3 miles. With that said, even though I finished the run I did not feel my best. Although I am surprised when I calculated that it took me about 71 minutes to run that crazy long run.

- Shower off REAL quickly

-Head to WENDYS with the hubs. Quick, cheap dinner. mmmm baked potato and 5 piece nugget with a shared Frosty with the hubs.

- Head over to Bailey's house for hangout time! Bay and I watched "Morning Glory" and it was pretty cute. We had no idea how old Harrison Ford was getting but apparently he'll be 69 this year! CRAZY!
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Well that was my quick recap of the day! More NCAA basketball to watch on the way. It's tempting to check my bracket like every 6 seconds like back in my Fantasy Football days, must remember to focus on Becker! Goodnight y'all!

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