Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You thought getting the mail was easy?!

Yes, you thought going to the mailbox and getting the mail was easy?! Well not today, the USPS made the task of getting my new phone out of the mailbox a funny, awkward, and annoying task!

Let's start with the beginning of the day.

I KNEW my phone HAD to be coming today so I left this lovely note on the front door while I went to work for 5 hours and the gym. Do you like my attempt at Michael's signature? Definitely did not provide myself with enough space to fraudulently write it.

Well when I came home, the note was still there so I thought, maybe it fit in the mailbox. HAH, it definitely did fit in the mailbox! I had to wrestle with the box for LITERALLY 5 minutes to get it out of our mailbox, the box was the EXACT same size as our mailbox. It was kinda funny. I was trying to push the cardboard in, trying to collapse the box, my fingers were hurting, the door was not helping either, it was definitely in the way. But alas, I finally got that big ol thing out! I had "Fat guy in a little coat" (love me some "Tommy Boy") going over and over in my head when I was trying to get the box out.

this is a reenactment, I couldn't even get the open box back in the mailbox
our mailbox is apparently tiny, I think the main issue was the door
So even though it was hard to get my new phone out of the mailbox I am very happy to have it in my possession now.  I popped in my old SIM card and I was in text message heaven. I had a bunch of them, rapid fire, appearing on my phone. Then I had my version of ABBA's dancing queen, called texting queen stuck in my head. I was texting like a maniac!

Here's my beautiful, blackberry look-a-like, not internet capable phone (it's a Pantech, what's that? I don't know but it works!)

Isn't it glorious? No iPhone, but it'll do!

You know what else is great? Today we hit the mail jackpot. We got another package today, and you know what? I'd like to thank the city of Lexington for this one. Living in Lexvegas has it's advantages like when you order something from yesterday at around 1pm and you receive it today around 1pm. Thank you warehouse for choosing this Lexington location!

Michael and I ordered our new devotional books that we hope to put to use often! I'm excited about it and have heard good reviews. It's called "Love Dare" and it's a 365 day devotional that you can do on your own each day of the week and then there is a challenge, or a "Love Dare" that you as a couple need to complete each week and then meet up and talk about. I'm excited about it, hopefully we can make it a part of our routine! (hey y'all if you want it, order it on Amazon, it was $16 for the 2, when one in a Christian bookstore is $20!)

Well look at me, finished up my blog for the day before dinner, you go girl! WOOO!!

Tonight I'm planning on making some Jambalaya and then heading over to the Edin's house to meet up with Andrea to plan our BIG trip to Sicily and possibly Greece in the fall! UBER EXCITING! Well, my tummy is starting to growl so I'll wrap it up! Have a great evening everyone!

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