Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am no Michael Phelps...butttttt....

Enter scene.

Rainy Wednesday. Cold. Ick.

Ashley Kasten approaches the aquatic center on UK's campus for the first time. Nervous.

It's obvious she is not a swimmer and super obvious that she is not this guy...(Michael Phelps)

But Ashley had made a promise to herself. A promise that she would try swimming as another workout apart from running. She had the gear. Michael got her a Speedo one piece and goggles for Christmas. She just had to work up the confidence to actually do it.

She walks into the center, doesn't want to look like a newbie, but fearing that she does. Will I look stupid in my one piece?! Did I bring the right stuff?!

Well that's where my great friend Annie comes in. Annie has been a friend of mine since highschool.
At a Mae Concert on my birthday freshman year of college
We have done lots of things together. Fun things. Oh did I mention Annie is a swimmer?? A great one at that! She has been swimming forever too!! She even swam in college at Transylvania University in Lexington and now she coaches a team in Lex and teaches begin swim at UK!
Annie was a great friend and said she would swim with me my first time. After her begin swim class. What a great friend!

So I went in the locker room. Changed into my super tight fitting one piece and built up the confidence to walk out to the pool. Annie instructed I could share a lane (old man in my lane, sweet!) and swim away! IT was a fun/tiring experience. I didn't realize how out of shape I was in the actual water. I ran for 40 minutes the day before non-stop and today I would have to stop for air every lap. After Annie's class was over she joined up with me and swam a little bit and chatted a lot. I had a great time with her and I definitely am going to swim again. It is SO relaxing. Calm. Great.

I must say though, it was immediately afterward that my shoulders and arms were sore. But, I don't have much going for me in that department anyway! So if I had to sum it up, I'd say swimming laps was a success and totally not scary!! YAY!

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  1. Your mom and I joined a swim class at Georgia State in l982! By the end of the semester I reached the goal of 1 mile. That was the last time I swam l mile too!! Enjoy yourself!