Monday, March 7, 2011

Home Sweet NKY Home

Today I was fortunate enough to spend my first real day of spring break in NKY with my parents! It was a pretty lazy day, but it was good to have. I arrived around 9 this morning and Lisa made me and my Dad breakfast which was YUMMY! Then we laid around for a while, like a long while. Lisa and I watched a good amount of morning shows, like Regis and Kelly, Ellen, and even part of the View (ew). But hey, I enjoyed the laziness!!

Then, Ryan showed up! YAY! And we decided we should remove ourselves from the couch for a bit. The parentals took us downtown Cincy to eat lunch at "Rock Bottom Brewery", it's a chain but not one that we have in NKY so it was fun!! Then we hit up Brusters on the way home. I got myself my beloved Birthday Cake ice cream on a cake cone, which was PERFECTION!

*oh, I forgot to mention a main factor of the laziness is related to Lisa being sick and my dad starting to feel icky as well*

When we got home Whitney was home from school and we all watched an episode of CSI Miami together and a little more TV here and there. We are super fun and active right?! haha I don't care, I've spent the last 5 years of college being busy so I'm fine with it. After Ryan had to head back to Lex, I finally coerced myself to hop on my parent's treadmill and get a 5k run in. I feel like their treadmill was on an incline cause it was HARD!

And right now I'm writing my blog, after getting out of the hot tub with my Dad. One of my favorite things about coming home is seeing my parents, 2nd is probably free ice cream, and 3rd is definitely the hot tub. I am a cold natured person and I have been cold all day so the hot tub was GLORIOUS! And now I will spend the rest of my evening relaxing, watching more TV, because I have to head back to Lex to let my dogs pee while Michael's at work and I have to be at work around noon. But overall, good times were had! YAY spring break!

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