Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tired Tuesday

So today has been a tiring day for me not too sure exactly why but I am exhausted. I woke up originally at 6 to go workout out and ended up skipping and sleeping an extra hour (I had a Doc appt at 8), after my appointment I headed to work, and then to class and then to the gym. Goodness, my day was not blog-worthy. Well when I got home from the gym sweaty and tired I was greeted by a husband who basically set me up for a little blog, photos and all!!

You see, I hadn't seen Michael since Sunday evening on our meet the team extravaganza. What we didn't realize was that Michael would be on 24 call on his first day of OBGYN labor and delivery. SO that being said, I did not see him, even for a minute on my birthday or at all today until I got home around 7. I was soooo glad to see him AND he had made me dinner AND bought me my favorite flowers, tulips!! Michael made me "Rainbow Salad" and I guess he's been reading blogs because he took pics of the setup and process and finished product. So here's my photo blog of the day, thanks Michael!

And that's about it for today! I hope you all had a lovely Tuesday and get plenty of sleep tonight!

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