Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturdays are gooooood!

Yay Saturday!! Mine was pretty awesome, how was yours?! I woke up this morning realizing how awesome yesterday was with the REG section passed, a HUGE UK win, Birthday celebration with friends, and Michael about to have his first entire weekend off for the first time in a while, Saturday was going to be good. And man was I right!

First of all, we woke up when we wanted to. It was wonderful. We were able to hang out with each other and just be. We made mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch (yes we are four) and watched Community from Thursday. Then I convinced Michael to take the dogs on a walk with me despite the chilly weather. I am really trying to get this whole walk the dog things into our routine. We've been walking them a little over a mile and a half and I think it's good for the dogs and good for us! We have time to chat and catch up and the dogs have time to, know...poo.

After the dog walking we headed over to pick little miss Adrielle up to hang out. I had promised we would go to Orange Leaf to get some froyo! And Adrielle loved it! Plus we saw a handful of people that both of us knew. Today I was adventurous in my froyo selection. You know me and my sweet tooth normally goes for the super sweet options, AKA the Confetti Cake. But I always want to try the fruity options but I let my sweet tooth talk me out of it. WELLLL today I did it. I had fruity froyo. I got a little bit of blueberry and a little bit of pomegranate. Threw on some granola and strawberries and a few white chocolate chips and the combo was golden. I ate the whole thing, without feeling like I was in sugar overload and felt kind of refreshed afterward. Adrielle got the strawberry and cheesecake twist option and she loaded her's up with chocolate and sprinkles (that's my kinda girl!).  Michael had the blueberry froyo with the cheesecake froyo and added some graham crackers and stuff and he enjoyed his creation as well. EVEN better though, a free 10oz of yogurt for my BIRTHDAY...wooo!!!

After we dropped Adrielle off we ran to the grocery and then kind of hung out for a while. Watched some basketball, you know. But then at 6:30ish we headed over to a Masters in Accounting party that our professor was throwing at her house. WOAH, surprise!! The party was a blast, there were about 40 of us there, there was a TON of food, people were enjoying themselves with beer and wine and watching more basketball and playing pool and chatting. We left the party a little after 11 and had a great time. It was nice to bond with my class for once, we haven't really had many opportunities. I was also glad because Michael was able to meet a lot of people in my class that I've been talking about all year, so now he can finally place a name with a face!! You know what the most random part of the night was? At the end Michael was chatting with my professor and her husband and they ended up finding out that they were neighbors when Michael was younger!! RANDOM! They remembered Michael as the little annoying kid that he was, it was hilarious.

Well that's all I've got for now. Tomorrow is another busy day. Maybe I will get around to studying for my next CPA exam soon (I BETTER!) although I am afraid that this semester is going to consume my life and take away from my studying. Anyway, all I can say is GOOOO CATS!!! BEAT UNC TOMORROW!

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