Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Biebs, Taco Bell, and zzzzz

Today was an unexpectedly enjoyable unplanned day of really nothingness. Sounds exciting right?!

I woke up, to pouring rain outside and went to the gym with Brittany, where I ran 4 miles at a pace that I am pretty happy with, 8:15 min miles.
Afterwards, I came home and watched some TV and netflix TV, (I've started watching "Ugly Betty", not sure why, but I am)

Then it was time to hangout with Miss Adrielle. We went and saw Justin Bieber's movie "Never Say Never" and I actually really enjoyed it.  (plus super cute Jayden Smith was in the movie along with others like Usher, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Boyz II Men, Ludacris, etc.)
Not being a Bieber fan, the movie made me like him and it was actually interesting plus Adrielle loved it! We sang together when the songs were playing and I snuck in homemade popcorn so we enjoyed that too. So for the rest of the day I've had Baby baby baby ooooooooo stuck in my head. Oh that little Biebs, you've got your face EVERYWHERE! (please don't judge me for liking his movie, I'm just saying he's probably the equivalent of 'NSYNC when I was young, who I was OBSESSED with, so I can't blame the girls who are obsessed, ok, yes some of them are a little tiny bit crazy!)

After the movie, I came home and Michael was home. YAY! Since it was a rainy day ALL day we were pretty lazy. I actually crashed on the couch, like full on passed out from about 6-7pm. We finally ventured out to dinner after much debate at around 8:30. We grabbed some Taco Bell (No we do not care that they have no idea what percentage of the meat is actually meat, I think you should realize, if you are eating at Tbell that you are probably not having the most nutritious meal of your life) which was DELISH and hit the spot and then I begged Michael to take me to Sonic to get a Chocolate Malt..MMM!! YUM!! FOOD  COMA!

Also, another awesome thing about today, we got our state tax refund in the mail. WHOOP WHOOP AND the mortgage company sent us a check for about $50 that was totally unexpected AND we got a "We miss you" card from Lisa with a cute dog on the front AND we got a Netflix movie. Normally the mail is pretty lame but today was like the jackpot, well except for the water bill but I don't really count that since it pays automatically. So YAY for happy mail! whoo!!

So even though I took a nap, which is rare for me, I am exhausted. Super tired. ready to snooooze. So I'm outta here for this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel well rested, I'm guessing my body is just trying to catch up from the last 2 months and the craziness of my classes. Sweet dreams my darlings!!!!

*I'm like baby, baby, baby, oooooo, baby, baby, baby noooooooo, i'm like baby, baby, baby ohhhhh, thought you'd always be mine, mine*

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