Monday, March 28, 2011

My evening spent waiting outside the LEX airport!

This video pretty much sums up the greatness of the day. UK beat UNC and is now taking a trip to the NCAA final four against UConn (in case you live in a cave and are unaware). Michael, Andrea (michael's sister), Matt (andrea's hubs), and I drove out to the LEX airport around 9:45 to meet the team as they arrived from Newark to help them celebrate their victory. There were thousands of people there with us. And the weather tonight is a toasty 35 degrees feels like 26. We waited and waited and waited and finally around 11:40 the team arrived and madness ensued. It was awesome. I am glad to say that I was there! (more pictures to come tomorrow, it's 1:15 and I am SLEEPY!)

(waiting for video to upload to youtube)

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