Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Derby Mini Marathon and weekend review

Hola! I can't believe it is already Sunday night! Crazy! You know what is even more crazy? That it is May! I can't believe I have not missed a single day of blogging for 4 months! I'm one third of the way!

So, you wanna hear about the half marathon?! Well I'll be perfectly honest, and please don't take this as complaining, I'm telling you as it was. The half didn't go that well for me. Not sure what it was, the weather was perfect, I followed the training schedule perfectly, I don't know. (Ok, well one thing, but I'd rather not mention it, cause girls don't do it! ) But I was not mentally in the right place during the race. This being my 5th half, I thought I would begin to progress. And I didn't. And I am very competitive with myself. So it has been kind of a bummer. The race wasn't even that much fun for me, but I did it, and I'm glad. And I know there are many people out there that would be very satisfied with my time, but it's a personal thing I suppose.  I ran about the first 5 miles of it was Becca and then convinced her to go on because I could tell I was slowing her down, although we rocked around 8 minute miles during the first 5, I felt TIRED! And Becca was having a great running day, she beat her personal record by many minutes, 1 hour and 42 minutes for her! Way to go girl!

I did right around what I always do in the way of time, 1 hour 59 minutes (my PR is 1:52), which was disappointing. I am tired of lingering around the same time and if I had kept up the positive attitude I would have done much better. But I let myself walk. a lot. too much. entirely too much. The only thing that made me finish was the watch on my wrist, I told myself it must be under 2 hours, so I dragged myself to the finish.

The race environment was great though. So much crowd support. BEAUTIFUL day! And lucky for me I was able to find Michael without a phone after the race (about 15,000 runners, so a lot of people plus spectators) because he was standing right by the finish line screaming my name and taking pictures as I finished! I also got to watch Andrea, Michael's sister, finish her first half marathon ever with a huge smile on her face! :) The only negative about the site was, due to all the recent rain and flooding, the finish area was very WET and smelled like a cow pasture, not the first thing you want to trudge through after running 13.1 miles!
This is where I hear someone screaming my name and I'm trying to figure out where he is, crossing the finish line

Michael screams turn around. I feel like death. Apparently this is my response

I finally find Michael and he snaps a pic of me with all of my post-race loot! I have a powerade, 2 water bottles, a bagel, choclate milk, 2 bags of chips, fig newtons, a banana, and a peanut granola bar! haha!

Had to snap a pick with my bestie and super fast runner friend Becca with our traditional bourbon chase shirts!

The love of my life!

Andrea bringing it in! (Blue shirt)

Bec and I were stretching, we wanted a funny pic!

The girlies!! way to go girl frannsss!

The rest of the day spent in Louisville consisted of the caravan of runners (me, Andrea, and her 2 friends) dragging our self down the street for lunch at a Mexican restaurant with our husbands and Michael's dad. We all ordered food, but the runners weren't particularly hungry, so we all just chattered a bit and headed our separate ways home on the last beautiful day in April. I had to pick my car up from Dustin's and got to say bye to him before heading back to Lex.

I had the privilege of driving myself back to Lexington and I did it with the windows down, sun roof open, and radio blaring, singing at the top of my lungs and hoping that the sun's warm rose would toast my skin! (I did notice more freckles on my forehead when I got home!)

As for the rest of Saturday. It consisted of laziness. Why? Well the weekend before when I did my 12-miler I was not in the least bit sore or that tired. But yesterday, dude, I was exhausted and I was feeling some pain, for whatever reason, so I napped here and there and then headed to bed.

Sunday consisted of some studying, church, lunch at the Kasten's, grocery store, and bible study you know the usuals, but I love the usuals, it makes for a good Sunday. The only thing missing was a good ol' nap! Speaking of nap, I'm going to wrap this up and get ready to catch some zzzz's. (Although I should wait up for the hubs, he decided to go to the gym at 9:30, I won't complain, I'm proud of him, way to be Michael!)


  1. Woohoo! I'm less sore than I expected, but my quads are pretty much useless. I sat up in the bleachers for church and left after communion because I couldn't climb back up all the steps to my seat, ha!

  2. Great job! Even though you aren't super happy, you still did it!

    I really want to become a runner (as soon as I get back to my training! Need to do that!) and it is more inspiring to hear about it being hard, and you pushing through! It seems like everyone I hear talking about races dominate it, and every time I run it is hard, so it is really helpful to hear that it's just hard some times!

    Also, I love that you blog every day! It makes me really happy and I née to really kick up my frequency of blogging!