Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tidbits from Yesterday and Mothers Day - Birthday Celebrations

Hey y'all!! I hope you all had a lovely Sunday, mine was great, and gorgeous at that! Real quick, since I didn't get to say much about yesterday, it was all good in the hood!! We went over to Michael's parents house for the KY Derby, where Michael's mom had created a LARGE spread of yummy food! And we watched the Derby, which lasted about 2 minutes.

I have never really understood the Derby and I haven't really ever watched it before until this year. I kind of feel the same way about it even after watching it, but I guess it was fun to hang out with people!

After the Derby I of course was craving ice cream and wanted a Brusters fix so we headed to Nicholasville, with the dogs and grabbed some deliciousness. Michael said something really funny on the way there that I sadly agree with. He said, how come we don't have money in the budget for anything but we somehow magically have money for your ice cream problem?! True, true. I do need to cut back on my ice cream intake, but it's not my fault, the addiction is strong in me! And now I am going to get my dogs hooked on it too!! Brusters has free doggie sundaes for the furry friends so the pups got to enjoy the awesomeness of ice cream too!

Which now brings me to today. Michael and I woke up this morning and basically ate breakfast and then dug into the puzzle again, I think we are a little obsessive right now with it. Actually that is a fact, because when I got home tonight we worked on it even more. And i definitely should be doing some studying or exercising somewhere in there! Here's our progress as of tonight. We made a pact not to work on it unless the other person is there, teamwork!

Purty awesome huh?

Anyway, today after some puzzle workin in the morning I packed up myself, a hanging basket for Lisa for mothers day and Willis and trekked up to NKY to spend the day with the fam celebrating mother's day, my Dad's bday, and Dustin's bday! Michael and I decided to try splittin up the dogs for the day and see how they did (Michael spent the day lovin on his Mama and helping her pick out a spiffy brand new car!) . Well Willis was a little whiner all day while we were up there but he had a good time and apparently Carson was scared and confused when Willis was gone!!
On Carson's special day he got to hang out with Andrea in a hammock!
On Willis' special day he got to sit in my lap while I drove up to KY, don't worry it was safe, he sits still!
Just Willis and the road...

Sorry, I'm feeling so sporadic and crazy today in my writing but I just want to talk about some things here and there and then I end up everywhere!

So back to NKY. The fam had a super delish huge lunch together and then since we were full we decided to head out for a walk with our dogs, so the pack of 6 humans and 3 dogs headed out to walk around the high school, which is basically in my parent's backyard. Good times, well except for the fact that Willis decided he wanted a new perfume called "Earth" and rolled around in the stinky mud, dirt, etc. (I let me off the leash because he sticks around). We had to hose him off when we got home!

The rest of the day was super relaxing. The family all watched some "Ax Men" on the History channel.

Enjoyed some beer with upside down labels (weird)

Listened to records like Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan (I've been on a huge Fleetwood Mac kick recently, that is what we've been listening to as we work on the puzzle)

And then opened up some gifts!

What a great day, and now I am beat!! The dogs are whipped too, both of them passed out as soon as they got home. It feels like summer already, I need to make sure that I remember it is not during the week!!

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