Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storm's a comin'

Howdy folks. I am tired. Another day-long class and a sweaty after dinner run makes for a tired, lonesome Ashey. And apparently a BIG storm is coming tonight, later on, like capable of producing a tornado type of storm. I'm worried cause I'm home alone and may miss all of the warnings and what-not. Hopefully that won't happen!

One thing I am curious about is if people have this same problem as me. You see, I have Netflix, and I put movies in my queue, movies that I think I haven't seen before. Then I get to watching them and realize I have. Does this happen to others beside me? I sure hope so. Or maybe Hollywood has just run out of ideas for movies and keeps making the same thing over and over. But really, it is my forgetfulness...oh well....

Michael is keeping me kept up with his Ashland happenings, he sent me some iPhone pics and told me about his run through SUPER hilly's what he is sending me in case you were curious!
Pics of Mamaw's house...where he'll be living by his lonesome for the next month:

 What Michael bought when he went to the grocery...he also discovered Peach Tea and made a huge container of it and sent me pics of that too, he mentioned that it has 0 calories so it was way better than drinking soda all day long haha silly boy! I just took a second look at the picture and I noticed there is not a single fruit or veggie in his purchase, unless you count the spaghetti sauce or the sugary fruit flavored filling of the poptarts. dang, at least I reminded that boy to take his vitamins with him! What's a girl to do?!

Well I'm off to bed, I'm soooo tired! I think I may allow the pups to sleep on the floor in our room tonight, I don't want them to get swept up in the storm or maybe they will be like Lassie and warn me that the storms comin in. Is the safest place for us to be in the bathroom on the first floor? cause that's the only interior, windowless room downstairs that we have, unless you count the closets. Oh I can see it now, hanging out in a dark closet for hours...anywhooooo, goodnight!


  1. I will call you if I hear anything! But I probably won't because we're getting ready for bed, so you should find a back-up plan. Helpful, right?!

    I'm totally bummed for you that Michael isn't around, does he get a three day weekend though??

  2. He actually gets a 4 day weekend for some reason!! I'm pumped!