Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gone to Ashland

Today Michael sadly left for Ashland...which I could easily mistake for Ashley-land ... booo... he will be there for the next month working in a pediatrics outpatient clinic, although he will be returning on the weekends, it is going to stink especially since I don't really  have classes this next month. Ok, well I do have 4 days of classes, which I started today, 10 hour days, ick. I won't even begin to bore you with the details, because believe meeee it is BORING! Anyway...for those of you not from around my neck of the woods, here are some Ashland facts, pictures, etc:

This is the jail, ahem excuse me, building Michael will be working at in South Shore, KY (about a 30 mile drive from Ashland)
Michael will be staying at Mamaw's old house, which also houses this glorious beaut! :)

Ashland is located on the banks of the Ohio River touching West Virginia

Population of about 288,000 gangstas ....AKA people

You may have heard of Ashland Oil --> it came from here

AK Steel is also located here, my brother had a job interview there for a co-op

Michael informs me that one of it's public libraries just recently opened up in their mall, which is apparently larger than the Fayette Mall, but has a lot of empty stores.

The Judds are from Ashland -- as in -- Wynonna and Naomi (they have won 5 grammy awards)
Michael tells me the city is actually quite quaint and cute :) -- including the Central Park in the middle of downtown Ashland

So there you go, that's what I (meaning me and Wikipedia) know about Ashland. Hopefully I'll be making a trip down there to explore the city!

Also, today I got to Skype for the very first time. Michael was at the library (his gma's house does not have Wifi, surprise surprise, or a tv) and it was hilarious, I'm sure he looked like a Mr. Silly Pants talkin to himself on the computer, it's a great way to make friends. It was also great cause Michael could say hi to the dogs and they couldn't seem to figure out where he was...awesome!!

Since I was on Skype, I also got to have a little face-time with Mr. JBoh, I love him so and miss him dearly. He says he is going to see me soon, so I hope so!!
After some Skyping it was time to love on my pups, we went on like a 3 mile brisk walk, while I phoned some family and chatted with Michael some more... I'm gonna be lonely without Mr. Michael here, but I can do it!! Well that's about it for today! I 'll talk with ya tomorrow!


  1. mary beth (aka ashland expert)May 25, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    i think you added a few too many 0s to that population count ... and if he's going to skype, have michael go to panera on a weeknight. more people talk to themselves in the mall than the library.

  2. hmmm... the 288,000 is in the MSA area, my bad