Friday, May 6, 2011

Margs, Running, and Orange Leaf

Bonjour readers!! Today was a pretty lazy Friday for me! But first, a real quick recap from yesterday since I was too tired to write.

Yesterday, after my awful CPA exam experience I headed into work for a few hours and then headed to Kroger to grab some avocados and guacamole fixins, cause it was cinco de mayo! Then I headed to meet some girls from my class at the local Mexican restaurant to enjoy margaritas on their "patio", aka the parking lot. It was great to be outside and just relax with the girls, not talking about school, awesome!

After our drinks I headed home to meet up with Michael and grab the guac and head over to the Robertson's casa where they were hosting a Cinco de Mayo partay! It was tons of fun, we had quesadillas and margaritas and my guac (which was totally consumed in it's entirety, yay!). So that basically quickly sums up my Thursday.

I woke up this morning and caught up on tv and did some major vacuuming...the entire canister of the vacuum filled up TWICE with fur...NASTY! Like literally, that's gross! Around 11 I finally convinced myself it was time to run. Begrudgingly, I dragged myself upstairs to get ready and then grabbed a leash and Carson and headed outdoors. This was my first run since the half marathon and it was probably the best run I have had in a LONG time. It was great! We only did 5k but Carson ran really well, I felt great, legs felt good, good attitude, beautiful weather and we ran the entire thing at a pretty quick pace for the rookie runner, Carson. I am so glad that I decided to run, because it was great!!

After running I was starving so I made myself a lunch of mashed potatoes with a big bowl of peas mixed in and some strawberries (they were on sale at Kroger!). Yes, my lunch was weird, but that's what sounded good!!

After chowing down I was ready to shower, and for some reason that shower really tuckered me out and I passed out in the bed for an hour. It was wonderful!! Even though I should have been working on my paper, I did eventually get the paper done later this afternoon!

Tonight I actually made dinner, it seems like I haven't done that in a few days at least. We had chicken, rice, peas (I LOVE PEAS!), and I whipped up some Tastefully Simple Beer Bread. Michael had never had this glorious carb filled bread and he loved it!

Then I finally got my fix, ORANGE LEAF!! SO excited! Tonight I got some Pomegranate, Vanilla, and then Red Velvet Cake and Brownie Batter on the side (I hadn't had this 2 new flavors yet so I had little samples of them on the side). It was so yummy as usual!! Love me some Orange Leaf!
And that's about it for today. Nothing REALLY notable, but I can't complain...oh and Michael took this pic of me blogging, he said I should use it cause it would be good for my here it is, I had no idea it was going on, but I do have my running buddy by my side ! (the dogs are only allowed on the furniture on special occasions or when we feel they've been good) Hope you all have a great Friday evening!


  1. You know what I love making that has peas in it? Pot pie. Seriously the best place for peas ever, because it is a bowl full of yummy, healthy (at least when homemade) comfort food! Maybe we'll have that this week too...

  2. You should give me a pot pie recipe..I've been looking for one!