Sunday, May 8, 2011

A night of puzzling = lack of blogging

URGH! This is my THIRD time attempting to write this post. Let me try again!

After the Derby, Michael and I came home and began to FINALLY work on a puzzle that we purchased before we got married and we have spent the evening intensely working on it, still not complete, but alas, no blog post due to that because it is now closer to 1:20 am. (this is the puzzle we are working on, it is sentimental to Michael because his Grandpa liked this picture!)

So I will take this post to dedicate the puzzling time Michael and I spent this evening to my mom, Gloria. She always loved doing puzzles and passed that on to me. I find it so relaxing and stress free and better than watching a movie! So Happy Mother's Day Mama, up in heaven! And to all you other mothers out there, I hope you have an exceptional day, you all are great influences on all of us!! Good night!

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