Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm a survivor!

YAY! Today I took the final for my last spring semester class, and even though it didn't go very well I don't really care cause I'm done (and I needed something like a 22 on the exam to get a B in the class, but an 82 for an A, yeah right not happening!) It feels great to have nothing on my plate, -- well study-wise -- I do have a bunch of chores and errands to do ... PLUS find a job  and work(*hint hint - if anyone knows any accountants or someone who would have an accounting position available you should definitely let me know!) but I'm taking a break from the whole study thing for at least 4-5 days... I need a break ... and even though I'll be extremely bored at work I'll find something to do!

So today after our final about 25ish of my classmates headed to Pazzos for some drinks and appetizers. We decided to sit out on the patio, well, I got to see what all of my classmates look like covered in sweat. Let's just say it was a hot one today and their patio had no breeze.. WHAT-SO-EVER! Denim capris were a bad choice, definitely not a breathable fabric! But it was fun to hang out with my classmates, but sad that we are all bonding and we only have a few months together. And we all began to think about it and some of us won't see each other again until July 8th... 2 of the girls in our class will be married the next time they see everyone...isn't that crazy?! And then we will have a month of class and then I will have my Masters! Another crazy thought! Wow am I growing up?! .... not tonight... i'm gonna veg to my hearts delight and watch some America's Next Top Model. How cool am I ?!  Actually, not cool, air conditioner is not working...blowing air, it's just not cold air, thermostat DOWNSTAIRS is reading 82 ... I can only imagine what it will be like upstairs... maybe we can use that tent we got as a gift for our wedding tonight and sleep in our not-so-much-ours-backyard to cool off...

I will leave you with this adorable/funny video I found today!! Enjoy!!!


  1. Have you seen this one? :)

  2. I have a friend who is working for Accountemps in lexington, and she loves it! She hasn't taken her exams yet or anything, and is working in like an accounts payable department or something. You might want to look in to that!

  3. Thanks Jess -- I am already with Accountemps -- they are looking for jobs for me but keep telling me i'll be bored at some of the jobs...sheesh..what are the pluses of having a masters?! i am yet to know!