Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh finally decide to work?!

Hello friends!! So last night I actually had stuff to write about BUT blogspot was down ALL day and down for a good portion of lame is that?!?! Super! It felt so weird not blogging... well here goes what I thought I'd do yesterday....

Our A/C is STILL broken. The high was near the 90s. Do you know how hot our house was?! REEALLL hot. I felt like this .... (27 seconds in)
ORRR this

Or maybe this

 As Dave Matthews would put it ... "it was so hot outside you could fry an egg"

The hotness made me feel like this
And this

thought this might be a good idea...

 Was gonna do this

But sadly ended up doing this...

To escape the heat Michael and I did this...

Except not in a porsche...

And looked at houses and like these
Nicholasville Kentucky Real Estate
And then came home and watched these....

So that was part of our day in likey?!

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  1. I likey very much! That was a fun post! So much effort too, I applaud you madam.