Saturday, May 14, 2011

Movie night with Bec!

Tonight was good!!

I walked 18 holes with Michael and his Dad while reading "Something Borrowed" ... I have amazing walking and reading at the same time skills. You should be jelly.

Then I rushed to Woodhill --- theater in the ghetto, but CHEAP and nice -- to see Bridesmaids with Bec. Which was HILARIOUS... I enjoyed it. And I recommend it if you like to laugh and don't mind cussing.

And now I'm tired. Oh and the compressor in our A/C is broken -- meaning $$$$ x10000, the repairman suggested a whole new system at an estimate of $4,099... Can someone please locate a rainbow so we can find a pot of gold, thank ya and goodnight!

1 comment:

  1. Dude, we always beg our friends to pick Woodhill. We totally scored when we convinced a whole horde of people to go there the previous weekend to see Thor. It was awesome, cheap movie tickets, great movie and a hot actor. I totally recommend it.