Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today was another pretty good day. Nothing that I can hate on at all actually!!
-Got up, went to work for a couple hours

-Headed to Breckinridge Elementary to have lunch with Miss Adrielle
OK, so I haven't been in an elementary school in a WHILE I suppose and it was just so weird and different and totally different from what my elementary school looked like, felt like, etc. I got there WAY too early and ended up sitting in a chair in the hallway waiting until I saw Adrielle's class come up to lunch at 11:53. Is it weird that I was super nervous about being there? That I was afraid the little kids would be mean to me and make fun of me, that's really how I felt!! Well as I waited I watched the kids. As some of them walked down the hallway they would look at me and wave and smile and then do something silly. I also noticed that down each hallway there were 2 lines, and the kids had to walk down the lines, arms to their sides, no talking. And when they went up the stairs they had to hold the railing and walk up the stairs. If a student jogged up the stairs the teacher made them go back and walk up the stairs, a tad bit ridiculous if I say so myself! Also when I was sitting there a maybe 4th or 5th grader was leaning out the main office door, he saw someone down the hall he knew and he said "whatchu looking at a*#hole"...I was like GEEZ WOAH! I looked at him and told him that was not right and he said "I don't care" and went back to his business.

Well Adrielle finally showed up at 11:53 as their teacher screamed at them as they walked down the hallway. I jumped in line with her and she nearly peed with excitement, she had no idea I was coming. We joined the lunch line and Adrielle grabbed an uncrustable, a tiny cup of mashed potatoes, 1/2 an orange, and the tiniest little salad I have EVER seen, like maybe 5 pieces of lettuce, how does that even count as a salad, I'm not sure. Their lunches were totally different from what I was used to. I remember tons of food, and then MANY options for desserts at the end and then the extra stuff like ice cream, cookies, etc. They didn't have that there, which I guess is a good thing, the kids don't need to be filling up on bad stuff like I did in high school. In high school I would sometimes eat maybe a chocolate chip cookie and a bag of chips or a soft pretzel or something, BAD Ashley! Anyway, we went to sit down in their tiny cafeteria and began chowing down.

The kid next to Adrielle had a brought beef jerky and was sharing it with the girls around him. One of Adrielles friends was talking about how her Dad taught her the way to say the "s" word in Spanish and how he forced her to flick off her mom by threatening to spank her. GEEZ again! Lunch was definitely interesting. The 4th grade class got screamed at a lot, the lunch supervisor put them at "Zero Level Noise" for about 3/4 of the lunch, but everytime she walked away the noise level would return and she would scream again. As lunch wrapped up 25 minutes later the kids all got in line, threw away there stuff and then formed a line to leave as another teacher began to tell them how bad they had been all day and they weren't allowed to talk, even when I was trying to say bye to Adrielle the teacher was like "NO TALKING!!!!!" Despite the craziness of visiting, Adrielle said she would LOVE for me to come back again and I think I will, it probably wouldn't hurt to try and be a good influence on her and her friends at lunch. Overall a good time, but also very eye opening. And yay, no one made fun of me!

Also, today I had another GREAT workout! I did 30 minutes on the treadmill doing the same intervals I did last time. I think this interval thing makes me sweat more than usual, I probably released like a pint of sweat, it was ridiculous, I was soaked head to toe and exhausted too! I then went to do arms. Man I tried to start with 10lbs, but apparently I am super weak, so I went to 8. I'm not sure if it was just me being tired from running or what, but even 8 was hard for me to do, my arms shaking, me sweating like crazy still!! But I did some work on my arms, then some abs, squats, and lunges, stretched a little, and by that time I was exhausted and ready to leave. My body pumping full of endorphins. I hope this positive workout attitude stays with me for a bit, cause I really do enjoy it!!

Well that about sums up my day. It looks like it is finally going to warm up tomorrow after a week of rain and chilly weather, I am definitely looking forward to that since summer to me entails some sun yo!! I hope you had a great Thursday and I'll be back here tomorrow!

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  1. That does not sound like a positive learning environment... Aka why I want to home-school my kids for a while...

    I'm jealous of your workout, I had a super lame one today :(