Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I learned today

Yesterday was the good, here are a few things I learned today!

1. That backpacks get tired

My backpack and I have been together since my Freshman year of high school. Light blue, Jansport, Cushioned straps, reversible zipper action backpack. It has always been there for me. But lately I feel that it is about as tired of school as I am. Today as I was walking out to my car the zipper just failed all together and my calculator fell on the ground as I was getting into my car. Sweet backpack. It's done that a couple of times now but I just need to reassure it that it can make it through the next couple of months and then it won't be put through such agonizing pain again!
2. Corn Tortillas definitely are not as good as Flour Tortillas
So Michael loves when I make enchiladas for dinner. So tonight was enchilada night. I decided to try making them with corn tortillas. Michael warned me that he didn't think he liked corn tortillas but I decided we would try them out anyway. I'll admit it, he was right. The texture of the corn tortillas are weird and different and they fall apart more. I think we will switch back to the flour. I just feel bad I let Michael down on one of his fav meals. .. .my bad ... I should have listened. BUT I did spice up dinner by picking a Mexican fiesta pandora radio station!!! It was fun!

3. After some good apples, you are going to get some bad ones

I've been on an apple a day kick for a little while now and I was really starting to enjoy eating my Gala apples until last Friday and today. It's lunchtime and I pull out my sliced apples and go to eat them. BLECK! They are gross, no flavor what-so-ever! And of course, I am eating the at the library or school and don't have another option for food (I will not spend money on food at school unless I MUST). So there goes a good portion of my lunch to the garbage can. sweet. What is up with my apple purchasing?! And why did I get 2 nasty ones in a row. I am disappointed. Maybe I shall try another kind of apple...any suggestions as to a good type?!

4.Uh... I forgot what I was going to write --- oh yeah --- I may be becoming more forgetful!

I have been TRYING to go to the student center for about the past week to pick up my friend Jennie's graduation cap and gown for her because she is out of the state now. And EVERY DAY I forget! Yesterday I wrote it in my planner in the hopes of remembering. Nope, that was a fail too. Today in class when I saw it in my planner I had to make the effort to write it on my hand, because on most days I don't forget my hand!!! This is not the only instance of forgetfulness! Yesterday as I got into the car and sat down, I began searching for the keys. How did I lose them in 20 seconds?! I searched all around, a few minutes later to find them in the handle of the door, right next to me. Not cool. I am so not cool!

So those are some of the things I learned today. It's always good to learn I suppose. And sometimes it's funny. I'll accept it!

In good news, I got a test back today that I thought I did terribly on and ended up with an 89! The professor gave us opportunities for 19 extra points though, so you all can't say I had no room to complain! :)


  1. You know, women who are pregnant can get awful forgetful... Just kidding. I love how getting married means every weird symptom equals pregnancy. I never tell people when I'm feeling sick to my stomach anymore, it creates rumors!