Monday, May 16, 2011

Bacon Mustache

Michael asks you how are you, do you enjoy my turkey bacon mustache?! Tonight we had breakfast for dinner...woot of my favorite meals! French toast, turkey bacon, and a granny smith apple split between the two of us. This dinner was delicious after Michael and I spent an hour at the gym.

I met Miss Brittany Meyer at the gym for Cardio Pump, taught by our friend Tabitha. Brittany and I used to do classes all the time but it had been a while for me. I have been running too much. About halfway through the class I thought I was about to die! I wasn't used to the high stepping of step, many many sets of jumping jacks and more squats than I could count. There's nothing like feeling like your going to die when you are working out, But it felt GOOOD! While Brittany and I sweated away, Michael killed a 5k on the treadmill in like 20minutes and some change and then he did 8 miles on the bike while he waited for me! So breakfast for dinner was a great way to put back on those calories we burnt off! :)

I think I am going to try to try interval training on the treadmill tomorrow if I'm not deathly sore from my workout tonight. Apparently it burns fat like crazy and increases your speed, which is something I would enjoy and it would break up my run a little bit!

What else did I do today?!!? OHHH I finished "Something Blue" ... I have finished 2 330 page books in 5 days, I LOVE READING! I am definitely a big book worm..if anyone has another book option/suggestion for me you should definitely let me know (I'm going to start studying CPA stuff again soon but I should have some more time to read)...and even better, if you own the book you should let me borrow it ;)

In other good news: I somehow pulled 2 A's in my 2 classes I just completed. It's funny how you prepare yourself for a certain grade, and then when you go to check your mind is blown. There is no possible way you could have gotten that grade, but you won't complain, but you are still confused?! I feel like our professor was super generous or something (one of the classes is the one I got a 67 on the first test!) cause there was definitely no way I got that 82 on the final I needed, I couldn't even focus for a minute to study for that exam cause I was SOOOO done with school!! I am blessed!!

Well that's it for today, I'll shout at ya tomorrow!! sleep tight readers!

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  1. Congrats on your A's!!!!

    I've been thinking about interval training too, but I'm afraid to put in that much commitment...