Wednesday, May 18, 2011

whew...I feel a little better

Hey friends! So today I feel a little better than I did yesterday, lets just say I let my emotions get the best of me yesterday and I sunk into a great hole of despair. I let myself feel bad for myself, I wallowed, I cried. How lame am I ?! Super! I even tried to go to bed at 10 when Michael came into the room and threw down the game Yahtzee and forced me to play. Luckily I won, and then went to sleep cause another round of the obnoxious banging of the dice against a plastic cup isn't really the soothing sound you need before bed.

So how have I picked myself back up today?! I have hit the internet and hit it hard. crazy...everywhere. Ok, well not everywhere but a lot of places...
How else you say?! Wellll I met my fav accountability partner, Vanna, at Magees at 8 am this morning and indulged in my usual sesame bagel, toasted, with cream cheese. I love chatting with this girl. It's great to have a close friend who is newly married like me, we have so many things in common and face a lot of the same things. She knew how to reassure me ! :)

How else did I pick myself back up?? Well after work (where I emailed and emailed and emailed) I headed to the good ol JC, I can always count on that place! And I finally did my interval run. GEEZ it was hot in there today, gray shirt, bad choice. This is what my shirt looked like after a 25 minute run:
The interval thing wasn't too hard. I did 4 minutes of 7.0 running and then one minute of a sprint somewhere between 8.5-9.0.  So i did 5 sets of those --ending up with a 25 minute run that ended at 3:52..I quickly jumped off the treadmill and ran to the fitness class room where I met Brittany for a Zumba class at 4... I ended up working out for almost an hour and a half and I felt GREAT!!

After working out I headed home and threw together a dinner of shake and bake, coucous, and veggies. Michael and I chowed down and now I am right back to the job search. Emailing my resume out like crazy. Searching and scouring the internet. I will do this. I can do this. I WILL find a job.

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