Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunny Saturday!

I have been TERRIBLE at studying lately, but at least I've been enjoying my time?! This weekend is going pretty great thus far!!

Last night Michael, Bailey, Tim, and I went to see "The Hangover Part 2", the theater was PACKED. The movie was funny, basically the first movie in a different setting, but still brought about some chuckles.

This morning Michael and I tried to sleep in...buuuuuut....Michael had let the dogs sleep on the floor in our room last night and they started playing at like 6 in the morning. Then Carson kept coming to check on me, licking my face and what not. Luckily, I had told Michael if they were going to sleep in our room, he would have to deal with them when they woke up. So around 7 Michael took them downstairs but I couldn't seem to sleep past 8... OHHHH WELLLL. At least I tried.

I decided I should get a run in before it got too hot today. Carson and I did a 5k and returned sweaty, hot, and tired. As soon as I was home I changed my super sweaty shirt and headed out to get Miss Adrielle! She had mentioned once that she wanted to go to the library. So that's exactly where we went!! Adrielle and I hit up the Tates Creek Library. She picked out 5 books and was really excited. I was excited because I was able to get a Lexington Public Library Card..whoop whoop!!

The time spent in the library made me reminiscence about the summer time when my Mom would take my brother and I to the library. We would spend what seemed like a few hours there. On a quest to find the perfect books to bring home. I LOVED reading. That may be an understatement. I always completed the summer reading challenges early and LOVED getting all the prizes. So being there with Adrielle and suggesting books like "Way Side Stories from WaySide School" was very special to me. I loved that series!

Anywhoooo. After we checked out the books, I felt like it was one of those days when Adrielle and I needed some drinks to cool off. Azra had given me a gift card to Starbucks for my birthday so we hit it up. I ordered the iced passion tea with lemonade and Adrielle ordered the Double Chocolaty Chip Frappe (no coffee). Adrielle begged for a coffee product and I was like ...noooooo... she's 9 almost 10, there is no way she needs coffee. It's a big enough of a deal when she consumes sugar hahah!! She loved her drink though. She was cute and hilarious carrying her stuff from today, she looked like a little adult...super cute!!

 As soon as I dropped Adrielle I received a text from my bestie, Becca, inviting me to her pool! I was like chyeah!! And went home, changed and headed over. And yes... I did get a nice little burn. I'm glad, I am loving getting some sun. We had a great time chatting by the pool, taking in the girl time was great!

Michael had been mowing all day, so when we both returned home it was time to go to the grocery. Not a bit of food in the house. I wanted to do something light and different for dinner tonight. I am tired of being stuck in my cooking rut so we got ingredients for Pasta Caprese. Michael and I both love Caprese salads, so we were excited about this and it turned out yummy. Basil and Tomatoes are the perfect summer combo! Michael also grilled up some chicken to have with it, and it was delish. We were also very lucky to eat outside, in perfect weather. I can't complain!!
Also, if you were curious, this is how Michael entertains us when we are outside. Tricking Carson to eat leaves, it is pretty entertaining if I may say so myself!
It looks like he is gently nibbling the leaf. He's such a gentle, loving doggie!

After dinner Michael and I got to enjoy our 2 favorite, bad for you desserts. For me, I had ice cream, tonight it was cookies and cream while Michael opened up a Sam Adams Cherry something or other. Surprisingly his beer did have a slight hint of cherries, weird!! While we indulged ourselves we popped in our most recent Netflix, "Scott Pilgrim versus the World" which was ok, entertaining enough and we got to cuddle on the couch.

It does seem like we watch an awful lot of movies, but after long days and week days, movies are a good relaxation for us, so I hope we don't come across as tooooo lame! Well that was a pretty long post already, so I'm gonna go clean up from dinner, ick! Goodnight!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun Saturday! I promise next time to try to text you at a decent hour. Whenever we're in Lexington it's like, hey dinner's over, we should do something fun with people we like! Maybe before dinner I'm too busy thinking about food? I dunno. I'm lame.