Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I liked Monday

1. Inspirational Stories : Legally Blind Marathon winner

2. Ice cream
Yeah, kinda gross right? I didn't want to dirty another bowl, seeing that we fly through bowls with our daily consumption of cereal, so instead of putting the 1-2 scoops remaining in a bowl, I thought I should just eat out of the container

3. Going to the gym and deciding what I WANT to do :) ... didn't have to do a particular mileage... it was nice... I did the elliptical and read a magazine and watch America's Next Top Model



5. Husbands cooking dinner

6. Husbands randomly coming home during the day for 2 hours

7. AppleCare - the Mac is fixed! And the bill would have been over $500 if we didn't have AppleCare... WOOOO HOOO!!

8. Sleeping with the windows open and a cool breeze 

9. Empty buildings and parking lots on campus - The one good thing about graduate classes going 2 weeks beyond the undergrads

*uh thing I don't like, my blog changing font type and size and me not knowing how to fix it! ahh!*

And those are some of the things I liked today. Now I must get back to doing something I don't like. Studying for BEC, which is on Thursday ahhh!!!

Oh and thanks for the blog comments yesterday, it made me happy to finally receive some feedback! :)

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  1. Husband cooking dinner is definitely one of my favorite things too!