Monday, May 9, 2011

Artic Freeze Dreadfulness

Hey-lo! How was your Monday?! Mine was bleh. You know, how Mondays typically are.

I woke up this morning expecting to run, and didn't, I've been having pain in my foot, ok well toe, but that sounds lame. So I opted out of running.

Then I went to school at 11 to work on a group project, which only took about 45 minutes so I was stranded at school until class at 2:30. Well apparently my whole class is the only class occupying the building and everyone was just hanging out all day, not accomplishing much. We all sat through class, our last actual class day, and FROZE to death listening to 23 presentations. WOOO...that was awful, but I'm glad it's over. Our classroom has been notorious all year for being a deathly hot inferno so we all dressed for that because it was hot out today, well WRONG again! It was freezing, all the girls sat there for that whole time with goose bumps up their arms freezing, not cool classroom, playing mean tricks on us!

Now, only the final on Wednesday left and I'm done for a little while.  After our test Wednesday my entire class is headed over for some special bond time to "Pint Night" at Pazzos (a campus pizza place) where they have a special beer every week that they showcase.

I feel like I am in high school again with the HUGE senioritis I currently have, but at least I'm not the only one, I think everyone in our  class is having the same issues.

Well I guess I should get to the studying (yeah right, probably won't happen) as I wait for Michael to get home from running an errand to Critchfield's (meat store) to pick up a crap ton of PIGS FEET that he is going to store in our fridge until tomorrow evening --- GROSS --- for a surgery suturing workshop thingy.... Please don't make me think about our fridge being stuffed full of nasty pigs feet, BLECK!

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