Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Due to my lack of detailed posting and my ultra super fun weekend I will be doing a semi-summary of the weekend in a little more detail... cause I know you all love the deets!

Here's a pic from when Michael and I finished the puzzle around 1am ...he had to work the next morning... notice the missing piece, brand new puzzle, we were very annoyed by this!

Here's a few pics from the dog doggies and Shelley's dog Bo...they were hot!!!

Then here's the infamous cherry dipped cone I was sooo excited about in Louisville yesterday... it melted soooo fast cause there were random little holes in the dip but it was sooo yummy and hit the spot! (my head looks weird --> camera phone pic)

Here are 2 poor quality pics from dinner for Dustin's bday in Louisville at BBC. Dustin and his g/f Christina and then Michael and I

Which brings me to today, of course we did the usual: church and Kasten family lunch. EXCEPT for once I didn't have to rush off aferward to study.... I sat and read "Something Blue" which I am already halfway through and I started it yesterday evening.. I am definitely putting away some books right now!! I can't wait to see "Something Borrowedd" since I finished the book already!
After lunch Michael's mom and sister Andrea, Michael and I decided to go check out the new UK hospital, which was having tours (Michael and his mom had already seen it but they wanted to go with us). Andrea and I were fine about going (we hate hospitals)because they freak us out...good thing this new part didn't have patients in it yet or the icky hospital smell!

Pavilion front
The hospital was beautiful and they had TONS of art.. Andrea took a lot of pictures and wrote about it in her blog so you should definitely check it out. We were discussing that the hospital reminded us of either a hotel lobby or an airport was very open with tons of windows, great views, and purty awesome. When we were walking around the first floor near a fountain Michael spotted this:

Sarah Healy is Ryan's grandma, we had no idea this was there but pretty cool to find on our own!

After the hospital tour Michael and I had to rush home. I had volunteered to bring a side to bstudy cause we were having a cookout (yes I know it was a rainy day). I was going to make deviled eggs but didn't have the time so I quickly threw together 2 boxes of mac and cheese...lame right? But I literally had like 15 minutes! So when we arrived at bstud we found out the the Larson's had also brought mac and cheese so there was definitely enough to go around!! Silly us!! Kara Larson mentioned her second option to make was deviled eggs as well so it was pretty much meant to be a night of doubles either way!!

Bible study was fun! We chatted for a while and discussed our summer adventures and then decided that we should play "Mafia". I have not played this game since high school youth group, but oh what fun it is!! We played three long rounds together and we all had sooo much fun!! It was definitely fun to play a game that I constantly played in middle and high school. If you are unfamiliar with Mafia, it's pretty simple:
Aces = Mafia
King = Police Officer
Queen = Nurse
Number cards = townspeople.
Each "night" everyone goes to sleep, the mafia wakes up picks someone to kill, then they go back to sleep (there's a narrator conducting all of this). THen the officer wakes up and points to someone to determine if they are mafia, the narrator shakes yes or no to that person and then they go back to "sleep". Then the nurse wakes up and tries to save someone and then goes back to sleep. Then the narrator wakes everyone up and announces the death of a townsperson (they may have survived if the nurse picked the right person) and then the townspeople must vote on who to kick out of the city, picking one person that they suspect is in the mafia. This game continues until either the mafia or the town people when. It's fun because you have to have strategy and be able to read people!! So now that you know about the game you should definitely play it with a group of people!!

Well that's all for now folks... I'm off to bed, I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! It was wonderful to enjoy a school-free we just need to figure out what to do about our A/C :( boooo no fun!! Goodnight!


  1. sometimes you can send a picture of the missing piece of the puzzle to the company and they'll send you a new one! you should look into that :)

  2. Emily Griffin has some other books she's written not in that series. My personal favorite was "Heart of the Matter," which is about this couple in a struggling marriage and the wife's relationship with someone else in the neighborhood. Sad at some points, but very good! Enjoy!

  3. I am not one of those people who are freaked out by hospitals. Hospitals are where people go to get better and babies are born. I feel very comfortable in hospitals, most likely because my first "real" experiences with them were very pleasant. I really wish I could have gone on that tour with you!!