Friday, May 20, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

1.   People always tell me I look like      Jennifer Love Hewitt... I don't see it... but whatevs! Do you agree, or can you think of someone else?

2.  Friends don't let friends    walk around with a honking piece of black stuff between their teeth. Michael and I always do a teeth check after eating. Michael's dad always cracks up when he see's us do it. But I also do it with my friends, I can recall asking Becca many a time if there is something in my teeth!

3.  A sunny day is perfect for     going to the dog park with my boys, going on a walk, going kayaking, going hiking, going running, going to the arboretum, going on a get my gist! 

4.  My favorite accessory is   my wedding ring and engagement ring...the only jewelry I honestly ever wear. I never wore rings before I got engaged and now I feel naked without these 2 special rings, but I still haven't really become all that crazy about other jewelry

5.  If I could afford it I would    travel. I need to go somewhere. I used to travel sooo much and I'm just itching to go SOMEWHERE...I need a VACA! It's funny cause I just renewed my passport (AKA $110) and I have no where to go!

6.  The cure for boredom is       reading or finding TV shows on Netflix and watching the ENTIRE series!

7.  I am currently "in like" with      reading blogs, "Ugly Betty", Interval Training on the treadmill, cut up apples for lunch, Special K cereal, using our small shark vacuum to clean everything!

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