Sunday, May 15, 2011

Celebrating Dustin's 22nd in Louisville

Hey...Michael and I just got home from celebrating Dustin's 22nd Birthday in Louisville. A quick sum of the day and then off to bed I go I go!!

The Day:
Adrielle came over and Her, Michael, and I enjoyed grilled cheese sammies while watching "How to Train your Dragon" which I had seen before but the other 2 viewers had not. I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed the movie especially on a rainy Saturday!

-I finished reading "Something Borrowed" --really enjoyed it
-Got the next 2 books from a friend!!

- Headed to Louisville, met up with Dustin, Christina, and his roommate Mike. Headed to BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Co) for dinner and drinks
-Hit up the Dairy Castle on the way home -- cheap yummy ice cream -- and they have cherry dip for the ice cream which I love (DQ used to have it but got rid of it) where Nathanael met up with us.
-Headed downtown to 4th Street to meet up with Miss Azra and go to Sullys, where Dustin had what they call in Louisville a "happy hour" we got in for free and Dustin got free drinks
-Headed back to Lex around 11

Wooo good day!!!

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