Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Fallin' on my Head

Hiya! Happy Thursday to you, it's almost Friday! Today was a pretty good day.

I mean I did get to see my bestie, Olivia,  from way back in high school and beyond today, under super sad circumstances though (long story but it is related to the terrible plane crash headed to Hazard, KY), I hopefully cheered here up a little as we cheered on her little brother at the State Tennis Tournament! I also got to go to Panera with her awesome family AND we got to stop by at Genos to say hi to Miss Bailey! This is the quintessential Ashley and Olivia picture from the summer of 2006 going to Montreat! What good times, I love this girl and we always have a great time together!
After filling up on Panera salad and mac n cheese, I headed home and after a bit convinced myself I needed to run. As soon as I decided that I looked outside and it was pouring. Lame. BUUUUUT about 20 minutes later it was gone! I quickly changed my clothes and headed outside. I ran my 5k route Carsonless tonight, I just couldn't stand leaving Willis all by his lonesome. My run was pretty great, I felt good and speedy and sweaty! One awesome thing about the run was the rain water on the trees. Since Lexington has huge, old trees throughout it's neighborhoods there are TONS of leaves that cover an area. So as I was running and the wind would blow all of the rain would fall of the trees. At one point I thought it was raining again. But then looked up, realized I was under a tree, smiled, and thanked the Lord for the glorious trees he has given us and the fact that I could run under them! That is one of my FAVORITE things about Lexington, a lot of the trees are mature trees, with character, that have seen so many things over time. Where I'm from neighborhoods have recently been developed on old farmland, so it is pretty tree-less. I love, cherish, and appreciate these leafed beauties every single day!
 When I got home I was still feelin bad about the pups, so don't worry, I took them for a stroll around the loop, which was their 2nd walk for the day! These guys don't normally get one walk a day so this was a special treat!

Well that's about it for tonight. One thing that I ask of you is to pray for the families and friends of those involved in the plane crash and take a second to be thankful for the life you are given, for you never know when it will be taken away.

God Bless you!

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